The Marcom Avenue  Announces

1st June 2023 The Marcom Avenue (TMA), a leading 360-degree marketing agency, is thrilled to announce the launch of its own production house, The Woah Films. With more than 300 brands under their belt and a team of over 100 employees, The Marcom Avenue is currently one of the most prominent names in the marketing industry in India.

Woah Films aspires to establish itself as a comprehensive hub catering to all production requirements, providing a wide array of services encompassing Brand Films, DVCs, Script Writing, Video Production, 2D and 3D Animation, Concept Photoshoots, Product Photoshoot, Artist Management, VFX & Post, and CGI & Animation. Drawing upon The Marcom Avenue’s extensive industry expertise and experience working with esteemed brands like Reliance MET City, Titan, Varun Beverage Limited, etc., Woah Production aims to collaborate with talented artists, filmmakers, and creators to produce captivating and groundbreaking content.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce The Woah Films to the world,” said Sagar Virmani, Group Account Head, The Marcom Avenue. “Our new venture will cater to the paradigm shift in advertising, moving away from standard TV commercials (TVCs) towards short videos keeping the art of storytelling still intact. The virality factor of the content relies on a compelling storyline that addresses pain points and touches hearts. In the information age, people are bombarded with information, resulting in a significantly reduced attention span. If your content fails to capture attention within 3-4 seconds, it is likely to be scrolled away. We recognize the importance of integrating technology into the realm of video production, and with AI in the picture, the game has completely changed. Our team comprises exceptional individuals equipped with state-of-the-art resources and modern studios, enabling us to bring each story to life.”

At The Woah Films, artistic expression and innovation are at the core of everything they do. The production house aims to foster a collaborative environment that encourages creativity, experimentation, and the exploration of new storytelling techniques. By embracing emerging technologies and industry trends, Woah Production is determined to push the boundaries of visual storytelling and redefine entertainment experiences.

With its cutting-edge facilities and top-of-the-line equipment, The Woah Films is well-equipped to handle projects of any scale. The production house has an experienced team of directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, and post-production experts who possess a deep understanding of the industry and are committed to delivering exceptional results. From pre-production planning to post-production editing and distribution, The Woah Films offers end-to-end solutions to ensure seamless execution and client satisfaction.