It is very heartening to learn about India’s future plan to have its own Iron Dome system to counter threats from our hostile adversaries and possibly from non-state actors within the country.

The deployment of the S400 Triumf air defence system along with the planned indigenous system of DRDO will provide adequate protection to the vital areas and population centres close to the international border. We have many important areas close to the border which will be the target of the long-range missiles and would need to be prevented from ingress into our territory.

I feel this is a great first step in the overall gambit of providing security. With the porous nature of our land border of over 15000 kms and coastline of over 7500 kms, it would be practically impossible to cover the entire border, said Mr Rudra Shriram Chair – Defence and Homeland Committee PHDCCI.

We would need to be selective in deployment of our missile systems. To make the Indian Iron Dome successful we would need to make the command centres for Detection, Prediction, Assessment and Interception territorially distributed for different areas of responsibility.

With the changing character of war and its emerging dimensions the threat from low flying short range drones/ weapon systems is very real in the present times. There is a need to concurrently develop capabilities to counter these threats to our vital areas and population centres. A truly effective Iron Dome will have to continuously adapt and improve. It has to be possibly multi-layered with capability to operate in all weather and not be overwhelmed by the kamikaze swarm drones and barrage of missiles.

Given the complex nature of the system, the Iron Dome will require multiple technologies to be integrated together. The MSME have a load of niche technologies and are well poised to be a part of this journey. I am looking forward to the encouragement of MSME by the government and to develop it with inhouse core technologies.