Delhi, 30th October 2023 – Madrid Software, a preeminent provider of education in data analytics, is thrilled to report that their Advanced Data Analytics program has increased by an astounding 200% by 2023. Their growth has been ascribed to steadfast dedication to providing their students with excellent placement options and high-quality education. Madrid Software’s exceptional growth has been attributed in large part to its commitment to providing project-based learning opportunities. Employers in the data analytics field particularly value the practical experience with Advanced Data Analytics programs to work on real-world projects.

About 400 students in 2022 and 1000 students in 2023 have been trained by Madrid Software Data Analytics. The notable surge in the number of students opting for Madrid Software is an indication towards the commitment offering the best learning environment in the data analytics domain. “We are overjoyed to witness our Advanced Data Analytics program’s explosive expansion in 2023. The industry’s response to Madrid Software’s commitment to preparing students for successful employment in data analytics has been extremely positive, according to the company’s founder, Amit Kataria.

The modern facilities of Madrid Software in Delhi, where the sessions will be hosted guarantee a supportive learning environment. Additionally, the courses offer flexibility to accommodate individual preferences by being available for both in-person and online attendance.

Madrid Software’s increasing popularity has fueled it with an excellent placement record. Their industry ties and career counseling services guarantee that students are equipped with highly sought-after skills and are well-prepared for the