Tata Hitachi Launches

Mumbai (S.N)- Crafting the Future of Excavation: Building on a legacy of Reliability and Performance, the New Advanced EX 200LC Prime inherits a strong lineage from its predecessors. With a history of proven durability and efficiency, this upgraded machine continues to uphold Tata Hitachi’s commitment to delivering High-quality Construction Equipment. The legacy of the EX 200LC series lays the foundation for the Prime’s reputation as a Dependable and Innovative Solution for diverse construction needs.

The launch took place at Hotel Renganza by Tunga, in the presence of esteemed customers, senior management of Tata Hitachi, and AUTOBAHN Terra Go (Authorised Dealer Partner). With higher fuel efficiency, lower maintenance cost, and higher resale value, the all-new EX 200LC Prime promises the highest return on investment to the customers in this category.

Regarding this launch event, Mr. BKR Prasad, General Manager – Marketing of Tata Hitachi, said:‘’This ground-breaking addition to Tata Hitachi’s product line-up is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its dedication to crafting the future of excavation. The EX 200LC Prime promises to elevate industry standards and set new benchmarks for excellence.’’