Mumbai, 21st September 2023 Tata Elxsi, a worldwide design and technology service provider, offers extensive benefits to support employee well-being, recognizing its significant influence on overall job satisfaction and efficiency.

The conviction that physical fitness is critical to general well-being is at the heart of the organization’s purpose. To underline this, they have partnered with cult. Fit, an established fitness platform, provides employees and their respective family members with a discounted cult. fit membership card. This unique card offers access to various fitness options, including gyms, dance lessons, yoga sessions, boxing classes, and more. This campaign highlights the organization’s belief in the critical role of physical fitness in promoting comprehensive health.

Cult. Fit’s Head of Fitness Services, Naresh Krishnaswamy, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential impact, saying, “At cult. fit, we are driven by the vision of building an active India. Our collaboration with Tata Elxsi will help provide the framework for improving the health and well-being of the employees, resulting in better productivity, lower stress levels, and increased motivation. Companies like Tata Elxsi are ideal role models for HR professionals and organisations interested in taking a holistic approach to employee health, paving the path for a more robust company culture and performance.”

“In addition to physical fitness, we also support the emotional wellness of our employees with complimentary access to a confidential employee assistance programme that provides 24/7 contact to professional counsellors, thereby empowering them to handle any emotional challenges that they may face,” said Kirthan Dsouza, Head of HR Strategy & Transformation at Tata Elxsi. Tata Elxsi also provides fully paid medical insurance coverage for employees & immediate dependent family members to safeguard their security. Other benefits include annual check-ups and wellness webinars led by doctors and health specialists.”

Tata Elxsi takes pride in its dedication to establishing a workplace that prioritizes employee happiness in all that they do. The complete approach to employee wellness encapsulates the company’s unwavering commitment to creating a workplace that prioritizes its employee’s welfare and satisfaction, ultimately driving individual and collective success.