As the heartwarming song “Ae Savere” completes two years since its release, veteran actress Soni Razdan took to social media to share her nostalgic feelings about working with the team. She said, “This lovely music video by some seriously amazing talented artists about a Kashmiri Pandit woman going back to her roots really resonates with me, as I am also half Kashmiri Pandit.” In response to Soni Razdan’s heartfelt post, Taha Shah Badussha couldn’t contain his affection and gratitude. He responded with equal warmth, expressing his love for the experience of portraying her son in the song, with the words ” Loved being your son”

Taha’s response touched the hearts of fans and followers as it reflected the genuine admiration and respect he has for the accomplished actress.

The song “Ae Savere” had struck a chord with audiences when it was released, and the relationship between Taha and Soni Razdan added a layer of authenticity to the touching portrayal of a mother-son relationship. Their performances had resonated deeply with viewers, and it was evident that their bond extended beyond the screens.

As the song “Ae Savere” continues to evoke emotions and touch hearts, Soni Razdan and Taha Shah Badussha’s affectionate interaction on social media stands as a testament to the power of meaningful collaborations and the beautiful relationships that can blossom in the world of cinema.