Bangalore, 15th December 2023 – Supernova, a next-generation AI-first company, has announced its pioneering product in the realm of education with its flagship AI Tutor ‘Nova’. Since its successful launch in May 2023, Supernova’s AI Tutor has garnered over 100,000 organic downloads. Furthermore, Supernova anticipates significant growth, with an expected increase in annualised revenue (ARR) from $560K to approximately $2M within the next six months.

Recognising the staggering educational challenges faced by millions of school-going children in India due to limited access to high-quality learning environments, Supernova’s mission is to build mobile-first, affordable educational products tailored for the Indian masses. They leverage Gen AI for content generation and use interactive game mechanics to drive immersion and engagement. Their product philosophy revolves around AI-led, interactive & experiential, gamified learning targeted towards kids aged 4-12 years at affordable price points.

With the use of AI, the company has set out to create a low-cost, game-changing educational product that would transcend socio-economic barriers.

“For too long, the traditional educational model has been constrained by a lack of personalized attention and insufficient tutors, limiting our ability to unlock every child’s full potential. But now, the landscape is changing dramatically, thanks to the advent of advanced AI technologies. We believe education is set to be disrupted by super-intelligent personal AI tutors for every child. At Supernova, our ambition is clear: to be the architects of this innovative transformation.”, said Maharishi R B, Co-Founder and CEO, of Supernova

“We led Supernova’s seed round and have been impressed with the mission-driven, first-principle mindset that the founders embody. Their technology expertise especially in AI and data science, coupled with clear product innovation, compelling unit economics driven by game-based learning and operational excellence allows them to unlock a large market to create maximum impact.” Salone Sehgal, Founding General Partner at Lumikai Fund

Supernova’s comprehensive paid course, featuring a 24/7 AI Tutor, interactive assignments, game-based learning, and real-time AI-led instruction coupled with community event access, has attracted over 100,000 downloads, showcasing remarkable growth and acceptance in the market. The platform forecasts its user base to expand to 500,000 app downloads by mid-2024, with profitable unit economics.