Independence Day Backdrop

Kalyan, August 18, 2023: Celebrating Independence Day in schools holds paramount significance as it nurtures a profound understanding of national history and values among students. On August 15, 2023, Sunteck Foundation by Sunteck Realty organised a National Flag Hoisting ceremony at Saneguruji Primary School, a KDMC institution for underprivileged children in Aadhar Wadi, Kalyan West. This initiative aimed to celebrate the Independence Day by uniting students of diverse origins to honour the nation’s freedom and show reverence to our national heroes.

Speaking about community development, Anupma Khetan, Customer Experience Evangelist, Sunteck Realty, said, “Sunteck actively engages in collaborative efforts for community development, aiming to drive social and cultural progress. Through empowering engagements, we foster sustainable growth, resulting in vibrant neighbourhoods that reflect our commitment to enhancing the welfare of the community.”

The school children of Saneguruji Primary School, accompanied by the faculty and volunteers, actively engaged in the flag hoisting ceremony. The collective rendition of the National Anthem resonated with immense pride, symbolizing their shared patriotism.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Anita Dhairysing Tayade/Koli, Principal, Saneguruji Primary School, expressed, “We extend our gratitude to Sunteck for their generous support. Such support aids us in enhancing education and fostering an environment that nurtures a sense of belonging and community among our students. This, in turn, boosts enrolment and attendance of children.”

Engaging in patriotic activities instils pride in students, fostering an understanding of freedom’s significance and promoting active citizenship.