New Delhi, May 2, 2023: UK-based global conglomerate SRAM & MRAM Group, today inked a deal with DOSTYK REFINERY LLP, KAZAKHSTAN. The partnership will see SRAM provide an expanded range of Oil and Natural Gas affiliates in the region, strengthening the long-standing relationship between the two countries. With the collaboration in place, SRAM & MRAM Group will also diversify its energy portfolio by importing crude oil from non-Opec sources; will be procuring at least 6 million tonnes (mt) of crude from DOSTYK REFINERY, KAZAKHSTAN.

The development also signifies India being the world’s third-largest oil importer. The partnership will further strengthen the long-standing relationship between the two entities. The MoU was signed by Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, Chairman SRAM & MRAM Group & Sartbaev Saken Satvaldievich, Export Director, DOSTYK REFINERY LLP.

Earlier in the year 2022, the Group partnered with Malaysia-based, Petrichor Capital Group for Oil and Gas trading businesses.

With the aim to ensure the long-term, sustainable security and supply of energy-related services in KAZAKHSTAN, the collaboration serves to boost the contribution of the leading company, as well as encourage the implementation of alternative energy solutions.

Speaking on the collaboration Vishal Ahuja, Global Marketing Director, SRAM & MRAM Group, quoted, “We are pleased to partner with DOSTYK Refinery and this will serve to add to SRAM’s Energy portfolio. This will also help in strengthening the partnerships between two countries and will also help in creating employment opportunities. We look forward to building upon our long-running collaboration.”

“The group is elated with the alliance that will certainly help the group explore in the segment. Besides, the collaboration will also provide the right impetus for the strategic growth plans and add value to the SRAM & MRAM portfolio,” quoted Sanjeev Kumar, Global Operation Director, SRAM & MRAM Group.

Currently, SRAM GROUP has a presence in the ports of Singapore, Malaysia, Fujairah, Hamriyah, Sharjah, Oman, Huston, and Rotterdam. The core Group has also tied up with different Refineries in countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Venezuela, Kuwait, and many other countries.

Sartbaev Saken Satvaldievich, Export Director, DOSTYK REFINERY LLP, expressed, “DOSTYK Refinery has a historic legacy in the region, and we are delighted to take our partnership with SRAM & MRAM to new heights. We are hopeful of this alliance and will continue to explore and offer best-in-class products and services. This alliance with SRAM will help u in capitalizing on new opportunities underpinned by sustainable and cleaner operations.”

The group will also be facilitating the supply of Jet Fuel A1, EN 590 (10 ppm, 50 ppm), D6, Gas Oil 1000 -2500 PPM, Crude oil of Heavy, Super heavy and Light, Pet Coke, LPG, and CNG.

Hitanshu Heera, Director, SRAM & MRAM Group quoted, “We are proud to be associated with DOSTYK REFINERY. The collaboration will help us in reaching out to non-Opec sources. It will certainly offer a great business proposition to all the stakeholders in the long run.”