Spandana reports ₹119 Cr PAT in Q1FY24 against loss of ₹220 Cr a year ago

Mumbai,25th July 2023 Spandana Sphoorty Financial Limited (NSE: SPANDANA, BSE: 542759) (“Spandana”) announced its unaudited financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2023 today. The results are in line with laid-out plans and the organization is well-placed to deliver on its Vision 2025 targets

are in line with laid-out plans and the organization is well placed to deliver on its Vision 2025 targets.

Highlights for Q1FY24:

  • AUM – ₹8,848 Cr; +60% over Q1FY23 (₹5,513 Cr)
  • Disbursement – ₹1,664 Cr; +26% over Q1FY23 (₹1,320 Cr)
  • GNPA – 1.63% (2.07% in Q4FY23)
  • NNPA – 0.49% (0.64% in Q4FY23)
  • Total Income – ₹527 Cr;+104% over Q1FY23 (₹259 Cr)
  • NII – ₹328 Cr; +102% over Q1FY23 (₹162 Cr)
  • NIM – 14.2% vs 9.9% in Q1, FY23
  • PAT – ₹119Cr against loss of ₹220 Cr in Q1FY2
  • Mr. Shalabh Saxena,

Mr. Shalabh Saxena, CEO and Managing Director of the company, while announcing the results stated, “Last year we wrote-off ₹702 Crores of portfolio in Q1FY23resulting in net loss of ₹220 Cr for the quarter. Our focused efforts during FY23 resulted in an improvement in asset quality withGNPA improving from 18.7% end of FY22 to 1.63% at the end of Q1FY24. The progress over the last 4 quarters has yielded decent results both on the Quality & Growth perspective. We thank our teams and all the stakeholders for their support during the period and are confident that as a team we are well placed to deliver the goalsof Vision 2025 which is ₹15,000 Cr of Micro Finance portfolio and upwards of ₹2,000 Cr in the Housing &Nano MSME loans.

Further, he presented the highlights of Quarter 1, FY24:

  1. AUM – ₹8,848 Cr a 60% growth over Q1FY23 (₹5,513 Cr) and 4% growth over Q4FY23 (₹8,511 Cr).
  2. Disbursement & Member Acquisition – New customer acquisition-led growth continues to be the focus with about 2.6 lakh new customers added during the quarter.
    1. Disbursement was₹1,664 Cr (Q1 FY23 – ₹1,320 Cr), YoY growth 26%.
    2. New customer addition during the quarter was 2.6 Lacs (Q1 FY23 – 1.06 Lac), YoY growth 144%.
    3. The borrower count at the end of quarter was 24Lacs a growth of 13% over Q1FY23 (21Lacs)
  3. Asset Quality – The asset book continues to improve with current book at 97.1%.
    1. GNPA – 1.63% (Q4 FY23 – 2.07%); &6.69% as on 30-Jun-22
    2. NNPA – 0.49% (Q4 FY23 – 0.64%); &3.24% as on 30-Jun-22
    3. PCR – Provision Coverage Ratio is 70.10%
  4. Collection Efficiency-
    1. Net collection efficiency improved further to 98.1% vs. 97.6% in Q4FY23.
    2. Gross Collection Efficiency is at 101.5%
  5. Borrowings-
    1. ₹1,540 Cr was mobilized in Q1 FY24 v/s ₹155 Cr in Q1 FY23, a growth of 894%.
  6. Financial Performance YoY-
    1. Total Income: ₹527 Cr (₹259 Cr in Q1FY23) – growth of 104% YoY
    2. Net interest income: ₹328 Cr (₹162 Cr in Q1FY23) – growth of 102% YoY
    3. Yield: 24.0% (16.4% in Q1FY23) – improvement of 765 bps
    4. NIM of the portfolio is a 14.2% improvement of 434 bps over Q1 of the previous year.
    5. Pre-Provision Operating Profit (PPOP): ₹189 Cr (₹51 Cr in Q1 FY23) – growth of 273%
    6. Profit after tax: ₹119Cr during the quarter as against a loss of ₹220 Cr reported in Q1FY23.

Mr. Saxena added, “With the building blocks in place, we are now expanding our physical presence across the states where we see good potential to be a player with meaningful share of the market. We are taking steps like extending LAP (Loan Against Property) & Housing products to new geographies, refining the distribution model, continuing our focus on governance & most importantly investing in our people. All of these will ensure a robust future proof organization.”

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