Mumbai,27th July 2023 Simplilearn, a leading online boot camp offering digital skills training, has reported a substantial increase in demand for its AI/ML programs across its most successful markets, including India, the US, the Middle East, and Europe. Learner data from the company’s platform reveals a remarkable 123 percent surge in demand for AI/ML programs.

The dynamic shift in the technology job market has contributed to this trend, with working professionals displaying immense interest in Simplilearn’s AI/ML programs. Notably, the US market has seen demand rise by approximately 87 percent, while India has experienced an astounding 200 percent increase. The Middle East and Europe have witnessed an outstanding 300 percent surge in demand for these programs.

The rise of generative AI, such as Chat GPT, is also making the field of AI/ML increasingly promising for professionals. Generative AI models, like ChatGPT, are revolutionizing industries by automating tasks, improving efficiency, and enhancing user experiences. Professionals are now realizing the potential of AI/ML in transforming their respective fields, leading to a heightened interest in acquiring AI/ML skills through reputable programs like those offered by Simplilearn.

This escalating demand for AI/ML programs underscores these skills’ crucial role in today’s job market. Recent industry studies project a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.2 percent for the AI field. As nations prioritize strong educational standards and technological literacy, professionals recognize the need to acquire AI and ML skills to maintain a competitive edge. Experts predict a 31.4 percent increase in AI-related jobs by 2030, thus highlighting the urgency for upskilling through AI/ML programs in this dynamic and evolving tech job landscape.

Commenting on the surge in demand, Mr. Kashyap Dalal, Co-founder, and Chief Operating Officer of Simplilearn, said, “As technologies continue to evolve and create future job roles, there is a growing industry demand for skilled workforce in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and new technologies. Reports predict AI will create around 69 million job roles in the next five years. We are delighted to witness such substantial growth in demand for our AI and ML programs at Simplilearn, both in the Indian and the US markets.”

Mr. Dalal further added, “Our comprehensive AI and ML programs empower learners to harness the potential of these cutting-edge technologies and drive innovation across diverse industries. The surge in demand reflects the strong appetite for skilled AI and ML practitioners worldwide, and we are proud to bridge the talent gap. Simplilearn remains committed to providing industry-leading skilling programs, enabling professionals to thrive in the era of intelligent automation and unlocking endless possibilities.”

Simplilearn’s AI/ML program includes the prestigious Caltech PG Program in AI & ML delivered in partnership with IBM, Caltech AIML Bootcamp, Purdue PGP in AI/ML, Professional Certificate course in AI/ML in partnership with IIT Kanpur, UT Dallas AI/ML Bootcamp. The program encompasses the latest tools and technologies from the AI ecosystem, featuring masterclasses by university faculty and IBM experts, hackathons, and Ask Me Anything sessions. Additionally, learners benefit from Simplilearn’s Career Assistance service upon program completion.