Bengaluru, May 22, 2023 — Simpli Namdhari’s, India’s only 100% vegetarian omnichannel retailer and an illustrious brand under the Namdhari’s Group, has triumphed as the Regional Retailer of the Year (South) at the prestigious 11th edition of the Industry of Retail and Ecommerce (IReC) Summit.

The IReC Summit stands tall as one of India’s most prominent retail and e-commerce gatherings, annually acknowledging retailers and e-retailers who transcend the realm of expectations to bridge the gap between operational reality and consumer desires.

IRec awards

Gurmukh Roopra, the CEO of Namdhari’s Group, expressed his elation, stating, “We are thrilled that Simpli Namdhari’s has secured the Regional Retailer of the Year (South) title at the esteemed IReC Awards 2023. This extraordinary achievement was made possible through the unwavering trust and support of our customers, coupled with the relentless dedication of our team. Our distinctive seed-to plate offering, unyielding adaptability, and collective efforts have propelled us to this momentous milestone, and we aspire to achieve even greater heights as we progress.”

He added, “These accolades celebrate enterprises nationwide that surpass their designated roles, consistently set towering benchmarks in customer service excellence, and lead the charge in retail and e-commerce innovation. Simpli Namdhari’s, as India’s solitary fully backward integrated seed-to-plate omnichannel retailer, has effortlessly adapted to customer expectations, setting itself apart from its competitors.’’

In a remarkable testament to Simpli Namdhari’s industry influence, Hema L, the Head of Brand Marketing, stood among the venerated thought leaders at the IReC Summit 2023. Addressing the audience, she spoke on the topic “Embracing Technological Advancements: Enhancing the Consumer Experience through Convenience, Ease, and Efficiency.” She shed light on the cutting-edge technologies adopted by Simpli Namdhari’s, which enable the seamless delivery of a remarkable customer experience. The conference served as a dynamic platform that congregated seasoned practitioners and industry experts, collectively shaping the future of retail and emphasizing the pivotal role customer experience plays within it.

Hema L, Head of Brand Marketing at Simpli Namdhari’s stated “In the realm of modern retail, convenience reigns supreme. Businesses that wholeheartedly commit to delivering convenient and effortless customer experiences not only foster increased loyalty but also cultivate trust and enduring relationships with customers. Simpli Namdhari’s has consistently spearheaded the provision of exceptional experiences, bolstering these connections and solidifying our position as an industry pioneer.”

She further added, “Just recently, we had created a VR zone that allowed Simpli Namdhari’s customers to virtually experience our seed-to-plate story by visiting our farms. They could immerse themselves in the entire process as if they were physically present at any of our farms. Additionally, we utilise data analytics to personalise offers for our loyal customers, enhancing their likelihood of repeat shopping and more. Today’s customers are spoilt for choices, and we have to stay one step ahead in order to deliver exemplary customer experience.”