New Delhi, 5th December 2023: Shalimar Paints Ltd., a pioneer in the Indian Paints industry with a legacy of over 120 years, is all set to launch their vibrant new campaign, “UPGRADE KIYA KYA”. This initiative embodies the vision of transformation, encouraging its stakeholders, including dealers, partners, and end consumers, to upgrade with Shalimar’s new innovative product line and upgrade their lifestyle with paints that are backed by superior technology and R&D. The campaign introduces an array of products, including Hero Super Premium 5 in 1 Interior Emulsion, CareWood Woodcoatings – Melamine & 1K PU, Magic brushes & rollers range, and Superlac Enamel – PU SATIN. With exceptional features like Zero VOC, active stain guard technology, anti-viral defense, true tone technology, and best-in-class washability, Hero 5in1 stands as the latest market addition, offering unmatched product quality, features & performance at an affordable price. The product is certified with highest anti-viral defense and viral reduction with non-cytotoxic properties. Shalimar Paints’ steadfast commitment to quality and innovation embodies a proactive, forward-thinking approach, showcasing its dedication to staying ahead of the curve in a dynamic consumer landscape. Encapsulating the brand’s commitment to evolution, the company is upgrading its infrastructure, investing in cutting-edge Research and Development, and revolutionizing its product offerings with products that are backed by strong consumer research. Talking about it, Mr. Kuldip Raina, Director-Sales and Marketing, Shalimar Paints said “In today’s fast-paced world, the fervor for upgrades extends beyond material possessions. Whether it’s the latest gadgets, self-improvement endeavors, or personal growth, the pursuit of upgrades has become a symbol of progress in our consumer’s lives; but often, they forget to upgrade their homes and specifically home painting. With our thought-provoking initiative “Upgrade Kiya Kya”, we challenge the mindset of our consumers to upgrade their homes with HERO 5 in 1 paint that delivers an exceptional product quality and features at an unbelievable price. It is an ultimate choice for discerning homeowners looking for a feature loaded product in budget friendly prices. All the products are based on consumer research taking care of their unsaid needs.” He further added that “Shalimar Paints is on a transformational journey that is driven by cutting-edge quality offerings, investment in the brand, R&D and infrastructure. This journey marks the pinnacle of our commitment to excellence, encompassing a transformation in our approach and vision for future. Going forward all our endeavors will focus on not only helping our consumers but also our channel partners & influencers to upgrade with Shalimar” Shalimar Paints is on the brink of unveiling a state-of-the-art R&D center, reflecting its unwavering commitment to driving groundbreaking product development in the pursuit of innovation. Additionally, the company is building an exceptional team and fostering robust connections with consumers, servicing dealers, and painters to effectively decipher their needs and preferences. Reinforcing its commitment to an upgraded experience that transcends the conventional boundaries of paint applications, Shalimar 2.0 is enriching and revitalizing every space it touches.