SFA Championships

Bengaluru,25th January 2024: Day 8 of the SFA Championships in Bengaluru marked the beginning of intense matches in Chess, Speedcubing, Shooting and Football (U-10 and U-12), at the Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (PDCSE). The race for the ‘number one school in sports’ is gaining momentum, with schools from across the city showcasing exceptional talent and sportsmanship. The PDCSE grounds had athletes showcase their exceptional skills across multi-sports, contributing to the growing success of the SFA Championships.

The day kicked off with the Chess tournament, featuring the talents of U-13 boys and U-9, U-13 girls, displaying strategic thinking and tactical powers. Enthusiastic participants in the U-10 to U-16 category engaged in lightning-fast solving of Rubik’s Cubes, showcasing their mastery of this mind-bending puzzle.

On the other hand, Shooting saw precision and focus as young marksmen in the U-14, U-17, and U-19 categories aimed for excellence.

In a tale of determination, passion, and shared dreams, three incredible female shooters came together, united by their love for shooting and the common goal of excelling. Trishna Dhamnekar, a U-17 Shooter from the National Institute of Open Schooling, shares “In the last for four years, I’ve secured 60 medals in Shooting, including victories at both pre-nationals and state-level competitions. My motivation comes from my coach, an Olympian whose remarkable achievements in the Commonwealth Games inspire me everyday.” Gamberya V Gowda from Christ Academy ICSE school, playing U-19 adds to the tale “In my two years of shooting, winning medals in State and National competitions, has been both humbling and inspiring. I draw inspiration from Tilottama Sen, who, like me, embarked on her shooting journey just two years ago and has achieved remarkable success.” Rishika Singh, DPS representing Electronic City, U-19 shared “Bagging several medals at the state level and recently picking a silver, has strengthened my determination. Abhinav Bindra, the first shooter to secure an Olympic medal, is my role model. His achievements motivate me to commit six hours daily to practice.”

Football enthusiasts witnessed high energy in the U-10, U-12 and U-14 categories with the adrenaline pumping matches. Simultaneously, the day witnessed the culmination of Badminton finals for U-11 to U-19 categories, and Throwball finals for U-16 to U-18 Boys and Girls. The matches were fiercely contested, with players giving their all to claim. Adding another layer of intensity, Kabaddi took center stage with the U-17 Boys and U-14 Girls Semi Finals, captivating the audience with strategic moves and team spirit. The Basketball U-14 Girls finals took place with the display of talent and seamless teamwork.