Delhi’s winter ushers in a brisk chill, with temperatures often hitting single digits. Fog blankets the city in the early mornings and Residents bundle up in layers.Despite the cool temperatures, Delhi’s cultural scene remains vibrant, marked by festivals and outdoor activities that bring a sense of warmth. In sync with this, Khoya introduces its winter range, a sweet addition to the season.

Timeless classics that resonate with the flavours of childhood. Experience halwas crafted with the finest quality ingredients, ensuring a fleeting rendezvous with nostalgia. The pistachios in Pista Halwa and almonds in Badam halwa are meticulously ground to achieve perfect consistency, ideal for bringing out robust flavours then simmered in rich, creamy Khoya with just the right amount of good fats for a silky smooth finish.

The Gajar Halwa and Moong Dal Halwa are skilfully prepared with a commitment to traditional cooking techniques. Finely ground moong dal and handpicked carrots are treated to a slow-cooking process that lend a comforting texture which truly resonates with familiar, cherished flavours. The sweetness is perfectly balanced, bringing back fond memories of homemade halwa from years gone by. The thoughtful execution of traditional methods shines through, creating a heart-warming experience that transports taste buds to a place of genuine culinary reminiscence.

When we think of cold, jaggery is a rarely overlooked component. As a natural sweetener, jaggery has a unique character that resonates with those who appreciate the beauty of unadulterated, natural flavours. In line with this sentiment, Khoya has introduced a nolengur range. ‘ Nolen Gur ‘ which means ‘new jaggery’ in Bengali, occupies the top and premium spot. This jaggery extracted from the sap of date palm tree, has a unique and complex flavor, often described as having hints of caramel, toffee, and a distinctive date-like richness.

Having experimented with various flavor pairings, we’ve introduced three distinct flavors.. The Peanut and nolengurpeda is like a tasty praline with a rounded sweetness and a hint of black salt for that extra kick. Next is the Pista Nolen Gur Peda, where the naturally sweet nuttiness of pistachios perfectly complements the rich, woody caramel sweetness of nolengur. For those with a penchant for nut-free sweets we have Nolan Barfi, an ageless fusion of jaggery and Khoya, with a touch of cardamom. A classic treat for refined taste buds.

This season, we’re thrilled to present a selection of delightful ladoos that capture the essence of winter. Our assortment includes the richness of slow-roasted besan and chana ladoos, the wholesome sweetness of dried anjeer (figs) ladoos, the perfect blend of gur and til, the nourishing goodness of gondladoos, and the popular – panjiriladoos. This carefully chosen selection of winter ladoos is a tribute to cherished traditions, nostalgia of familiar flavors and celebration of togetherness. The ladoos are packaged with love as they are delicately dry roasted in ghee, enriched with cardamom and bejewelled with a bounty of dry fruits. The SattuPedais reminiscent of celebrations. The pride of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand, this crumbly delicacy crowned with a regal silver varq extends its flavours- doubling as a sense of community.

Availability: At the flagship store at The Chanakya, New Delhi or delivering pan India on website