Sabki Zubaan Par Amazon Prime

MUMBAI —2nd November 2023— Prime Video, India’s most loved entertainment destination, today unveiled a new marketing campaign that reinforces the brand’s position as the exclusive home for the most popular and talked about shows in the country today. Through a tongue-in-cheek film featuring Manoj Bajpayee, the campaign humorously underscores the incredible fandom that Prime Video’s shows and movies enjoy amongst Indian consumers. Spanning a diverse range of genres including romance, crime, suspense, comedy, horror, young adult and more, the film highlights a simple idea: All the shows and movies that everyone is talking about – you can watch exclusively on Prime Video.

The ad film opens with Manoj Bajpayee, also popularly known as Srikant Tiwari or The Family Man, asking for suggestions on what to watch. He is soon flooded with a barrage of recommendations. From his makeup artist endorsing Dahaad for its spine-tingling suspense to his gym trainer advocating for Made in Heaven, and even strangers suggesting popular Amazon Originals like The Boys, Farzi, and more, Manoj finds himself at the receiving end of must-watch recommendations, from everyone he encounters. An aha moment follows as he soon realizes what he already intuitively felt, that Prime Video is the home for content that everyone is watching and talking about!

Watch the ad film here:

“In our close to seven-year journey in India so far, we have had the amazing opportunity to spearhead a storytelling renaissance, offering captivating stories in multiple languages that resonate with people across the nation. We have been able to not only build a compelling slate of entertainment for our delightfully diverse customers, but have also brought cult shows like Mirzapur, The Family Man, Panchayat and so many more alive. Immersive stories, the kind that stay on everyone’s minds and become talked about, are what have solidified our position as everyone’s preferred entertainment service. 2023 has been an equally busy year at Prime Video, from the much-loved Farzi, Jubilee, Dahaad to a quirky Cinema Marte Dum Tak and gritty Bambai Meri Jaan, each show has found its core audience, and enjoyed enormous fandom. Who hasn’t been recommended a Prime Video show in a water cooler conversation at work, or a dinner with friends?” said Sushant Sreeram, country director, Prime Video, India. “This campaign originates from a simple consumer observation – there are so many shows of ours that fans and customers passionately recommend to their friends, family and sometimes even strangers! We wanted to celebrate that fandom. We take the opportunity to ignite such fandom very seriously and I am confident our future lineup of shows and movies will continue to inspire and entertain our customers.”

Manoj Bajpayee, who plays himself in the ad campaign said, “Streaming today has become an integral part of cultural conversations and our daily lives! Srikant Tiwari, has almost become an alter-ego for me – from being mobbed in airports in the smallest of Indian towns, to recognition at global forums, The Family Man has been loved by and talked about everywhere! This campaign effectively encapsulates this phenomenon with remarkable simplicity and relatability. It humorously conveys the message that every title on Prime Video is someone’s favorite show or movie. The passion fans have for shows and movies on Prime Video is truly special – I have witnessed this myself! And yes, I have a personal favorite too, no prizes for guessing which show though!”

The film will be supported by a 360-degree campaign on TV, digital, social media and outdoors along with social innovations that bring the premise of the film alive. Conceptualized by creative agency MANJA and the Prime Video team, the films have been scripted and produced by Breathless Films with director Vinil Mathew at the helm.

“When you watch a great show or movie, you can’t help but recommend it. You want everyone else to jump on the bandwagon. You want to be the one who spreads it like wildfire. Because shows and movies aren’t just content anymore. They are topics of conversation and influence culture. And since Prime Video has the most talked about shows of the year, we used that truth as our starting point. The only question left to answer was, who are they talking to? We went with the one man who probably needs no recommendations at all, The Family Man,” said Suyash Barve, executive creative director, MANJA.

Campaign Credits:

Director – Vinil Mathew,

Production House – Breathless Films

Creative Agency – MANJA