11th October 2023: Sanjiv Nath, a distinguished Petroleum Geologist whose illustrious career spanned over three decades at the Oil & Natural Gas Commission (ONGC), has emerged as a prolific and celebrated artist, captivating the art world with his vibrant and thought-provoking creations.

Having served in key leadership roles within ONGC, both in India and abroad, including as Regional President for Latin America and Director of MECL (a Columbian JV company), Sanjiv Nath’s transition from an industry stalwart to an accomplished artist is nothing short of inspiring. Amidst his bustling corporate career, Nath’s passion for art quietly simmered, nurtured by his mother’s discerning taste for aesthetics and the guidance of an art teacher during his school days. His artistic journey traces back to the age of 12 when he completed his first large oil painting.

In 2013, while serving as ONGC Videsh’s Country Manager in Cuba, he represented India as an artist in the Indo-Cuban Cultural Confluence Art exhibition, a testament to his dedication to both his career and art. Today, Sanjiv Nath’s art speaks volumes, channeling his emotional, spiritual, and creative energies onto canvas. His paintings range from vividly realistic depictions to abstract narratives, delving into themes of mysticism, existence, and spirituality.

As he unveils his artistic prowess to the world, Sanjiv Nath carries a vital message — the irreplaceable value of authentic, handcrafted art in an era of rapid technological advances. He urges connoisseurs to embrace the tangible, soul-stirring beauty of original art that transcends the artificial realm of AI-generated creations. With an illustrious career behind him, Sanjiv Nath now dedicates his life to the pursuit of art and encourages the younger generation to explore the uncharted realm of spiritual connection, embracing the true essence of humanity. His story is an inspiring testament to the ageless pursuit of passion. His advice to fellow seniors: “Life is a game, play it with love, empathy, and passion. Embrace your newfound innings and never let the spark within diminish.”