Reach Group Hosts

Gurugram, 28th September 2023||Reach Group, a pioneering name in the real estate market, conducted a stunning meeting on September 22nd, 2023 at Gurgaon’s modern high-street market – Reach 3 Roads. At the occasion, over 40+ significant lease partners, associates, Channel Partners, Brokers, and Investors gathered to celebrate the collective triumphs and milestones attained via successful collaborations with Reach Group. The participants were ecstatic about the event.

The occasion served as a significant turning point for Reach Group, was planned to honor the company’s exceptional performance in achieving maximum occupancy across all of their real estate projects, including those for shops and offices, as well as to demonstrate their aggressive expansion by developing ongoing future projects. Additionally, it served as a platform for inspiration for the sales and marketing teams as they continued their efforts to advance Reach Group and the brand’s objectives. The event was spearheaded by Mr. Harpreet Singh Hora, Group Director at Reach Group, and Ankit Gupta, Director at Reach Group. Ankit Gupta successfully handled the role of the event’s moderator and provided key insights and strategies aimed at increasing the company’s growth and success.

Mr. Harpreet Singh Hora, Group Director at Reach Group, said, “We view this accomplishment as a resounding testimonial to our entire team’s unrelenting dedication and persistent efforts. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments, but the possibilities ahead only fuel our excitement. In the years to come, we look forward to setting many milestones in the real estate industry that reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our distinguished channel partners, devoted associates, dependable Brokers, and forward-thinking Investors who have joined us in celebrating these group victories and milestones made possible by fruitful partnerships with Reach Group.”

Mr. Ankit Gupta, Director at Reach Group, expressed, “The event provided a tremendous opportunity for strategic discussions between our channel partners and notable business leaders. This event served as a testament to our sincere appreciation for our important partners, as well as an opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of the entire Reach Group. We are thankful for their unwavering support in helping us attain this important milestone. The energetic environment of the event showcased our strong collaborative attitude, and it provided a wonderful forum for meaningful discussions with our partners, cultivating a common vision for future growth.”

As the evening progressed, it became clear that this event was more than just a celebration; it was also a reflection of Reach Group’s basic principles. It emphasized the company’s commitment to developing initiatives that break down traditional barriers and reimagine how people live in cities.