Manish Sinha,

 By spokesperson – Manish Sinha, CTO and Founder

Constitution Day / Law Day 2023

On this Law Day 2023, PatSeer acknowledges the critical role of the legal profession in upholding these democratic values. Our patent research and intelligence platform plays a vital role in promoting innovation and fostering an environment of collaboration and civility in the field of intellectual property.

Civics, civility, and collaboration, as embodied by this year’s theme, ‘Cornerstones of Democracy,’ are not only the foundations of a healthy democracy, but they are also the pillars of progress in the world of patents. By providing users with comprehensive patent data, PatSeer empowers innovators, researchers, and legal professionals to engage in meaningful collaboration, respecting the rights of inventors and promotig intellectual property civility.In the spirit of Law Day, we encourage all to embrace these principles as we work together to build a fair and innovative future. PatSeer remains dedicated to supporting the patent community with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property, fostering an environment where innovations are upheld, and innovators are celebrated.