Quick Heal Launches Version 24

Mumbai9th 9th October 2023– Quick Heal, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has unveiled Version 24 (v24), setting a new benchmark in consumer digital protection. This advanced release simplifies the complex landscape of cybersecurity, offering first time an on-the-go cloud-based security platform, metaProtect, along with features like Security & Privacy Scores, and YouTube content control, making it the ultimate solution for users who seek simplicity and security.

At the heart of v24 lies GoDeep.AI technology, a self-aware malware-hunting innovation that enhances protection against emerging threats, without compromising system performance. Leveraging the vast expertise and capabilities of professionals at SEQRITE Labs, the largest malware analysis facility in the country, with a 30-year history of exceptional detection prowess encompassing ransomware, malware, Zero Day vulnerability resolution, and the unique achievement of being the first and only to solve for the Expiro infector globally, v24 guarantees to keep you #SAFE and ahead of potential threat actors.

Version 24 prioritizes user-experience, boasting a simplified UI accessible to users of all ages and technical backgrounds. It introduces two groundbreaking metrics, Security Score and Privacy Score, providing personalized assessments of device security and user’s privacy status, alongside actionable recommendations for improvement.

metaProtect, a novel cloud-based platform for advanced remote security and privacy management, allows users to safeguard their entire family’s devices from anywhere at a single click. It includes features such as license subscription management, smart parenting, anti-theft measures and more, offering a seamlessly synchronized cybersecurity experience across your various devices. This cloud-based platform will be available as an App soon.

YouTube Content Control functionality enables content filtering through diverse parameters, including channels, viewing history, keywords, and more, ensuring a safe and enriching platform experience for children, while providing parents with the assurance that their children won’t encounter objectionable content.

Commenting on the launch, Vishal Salvi, CEO of Quick Heal Technologies Limited, said, ” Quick Heal’s Version 24 (v24) epitomizes our unwavering commitment to innovation and safeguarding digital lives, all while remaining conscious of our environmental impact. Our team of experts meticulously addressed the challenges that our customers face by simplifying cybersecurity not just at the device level but by focusing deeply on enhancing user convenience and experience. Powered by artificial intelligence, GoDeep.AI at its core, v24 empowers users for the first time ever with metaProtect, a security & privacy synchronizing platform for managing multiple devices with a single click on-the-go. Furthermore, our YouTube Supervision feature enables content filtering based on various parameters ensuring that children can freely use the platform while assuring parents that they won’t be exposed to undesirable content. In addition, our security & privacy score functionality offers personalized assessments and actionable recommendations. With this, Quick Heal continues to establish new standards in digital protection, ensuring users across India and the world remain #DigitallySafe.”

Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director of Quick Heal Technologies Limited, added, “Our dedication to cybersecurity spans three decades, thanks to the trust and support of our partners and customers. They are the driving force behind making Quick Heal India’s largest consumer cybersecurity brand. We believe in staying ahead through cutting-edge technology and nurturing top talent. We are extremely proud to present v24, a much-needed product that simplifies complex realms of cybersecurity for the end users of all age groups. We are committed to continue transforming cybersecurity landscape and raising the bar for the industry to emulate while keeping our users #DigitallySafe.”

Quick Heal, a 100% Make in India cybersecurity solutions provider, has been a prominent name in the Indian cybersecurity landscape for three decades, safeguarding digital assets for consumers and through its enterprise cybersecurity arm SEQRITE it leads security for businesses and administrations across the world. The brand has earned international recognition with seven international patents and certifications, as well as prestigious awards, including the ‘Best Antivirus Award’ at the 15th NCN Innovative Products Awards 2022. Quick Heal is also the only Indian company to collaborate with the U.S. Government’s NIST-NCCoE Data Classification project.