Houston, TX, 21st June 2024 — Queryloom LLC, a pioneering tech startup headquartered in Texas, has announced the commencement of pre-registration today for its innovative social media platform set to redefine interactive Q&A experiences.

Queryloom stands out in the realm of social media by offering users more than just standard polling and Q&A capabilities. Scheduled for a full-scale debut in August 2024, Queryloom empowers users to delve deeper into insights by allowing them to filter responses based on demographic factors and geographic locations.

“At Queryloom, we believe in going beyond surface-level responses. Our platform enables users to explore how different demographics and locations perceive and respond to the same questions,” said Diego Franchini, Chief Marketing Officer. “This feature provides invaluable perspectives and enriches the understanding of various topics.”

Key features of Queryloom include:

Advanced Insights: Users can filter responses by demographics such as age, gender, income, and geographic location, offering nuanced insights and perspectives.

Interactive Engagement: Engage in public discussions or create private groups for tailored conversations, fostering meaningful interactions and diverse viewpoints.

Evolutionary Analysis: Track changes in responses over time using the platform’s dynamic calendar feature, ensuring ongoing relevance and depth in discussions.

“Queryloom is designed to amplify voices and facilitate informed dialogue across communities and personal networks,” added Diego Franchini. “By allowing users to filter responses for deeper insights, Queryloom opens new avenues for understanding and connection.”