Atlantic Industrial Group

Pascagoula, MS, 21st June 2024 Atlantic Industrial Group (AIG) is proud to announce an alliance with UAV Corp. AIG has secured a long-term global manufacturing and development license from UAV Corp. (OTCMKTS: UMAV) (, a leading innovator in large manned and unmanned aerial vehicles utilizing its proven advanced Lighter than Air semi-rigid LTA technology. This agreement was executed on June 17, 2024, by Maceo Remy, Chief Revenue Officer of Atlantic Industrial Group, and Michael Lawson, Chief Executive Officer of UAV Corp.

The initiative marks a pivotal moment, UAV and AIG provide a short-term solution to demand for large extended-flight air vehicles. Specifically possessing extensive range and maneuverability, with modular security and communication capabilities, economical operations, and rapid manufacturing characteristics. The manufacturing efforts will be initiated across multiple states, continuing in Florida and expanding to Mississippi, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma.

UAV currently produces multiple air platforms; AIG will propose to design and manufacture existing platforms utilizing UAV capabilities to meet market demand. Additionally, logistics and maintenance services are provided to platform clients. AIG will continue its model of collaboration on the use of AI to assist in design, modular technology integrations, and efficient manufacturing structures to achieve value and efficiency.

A New Era for Markets and Collaboration

The collaboration between AIG and UAV Corp is focused on modern solutions to asset security challenges in commercial shipping, logistics, and digital media communications for the entertainment industry. The initiative is expected to immediately engage domestic and international clients in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. By leveraging UAV Corp’s technology and AIG’s Artificial Intelligence-driven modular manufacturing solutions, production time and operational logistics costs will be a fraction of equivalent solutions.

Michael Lawson, CEO of UAV Corp, and Maceo Remy, CRO of AIG, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. Mr. Remy stated, “This agreement signifies an advancement in media communications and security capabilities America can offer its partners and corporations through a singular platform. Joining forces with UAV Corp continues our model to utilize and combine proven underutilized technology for highly manufacturable advanced solutions.”

Strategic Manufacturing Initiatives
The manufacturing operations will continue in Florida and extend to Mississippi and Massachusetts. Florida production will continue leveraging the state’s advanced aerospace and defense manufacturing ecosystem. Mississippi and Massachusetts will play a crucial role in manufacturing expansion and advanced component development, benefiting from the state’s workforce and university partners.