PVR INOX Unveils

 16th February 2024: PVR INOX, the largest and the most premium cinema exhibitor in India has announced the launch of its latest brand campaign “Bada Dekho. Saath Dekho.” The campaign celebrates the enchanting joy derived from a shared cinematic journey with a profound sense of ‘togetherness’ that blooms when individuals unite in the shared experience while watching a movie on the big screen. The campaign touches upon this community viewing experience which has been associated with cinema viewing since the time cinemas came into existence. Bada Dekho. Saath Dekho follows the resounding success of the previous campaign, ‘Fresh Dekho. Bada Dekho’ continues to celebrate the admiration for cinemas and the viewing experience therein.

The video-centric campaign, conceptualized by Tree Design and produced by SGP Films, has esteemed actor Pankaj Tripathi eloquently putting forward the rationale in his signature style. Pankaj Tripathi has lent his unique charismatic touch to the narrative, infusing relatability and authenticity into the storytelling with the underlying thought ‘Akele Mein Toh Bass Timepass Hota Hai, Film Dekhne Ka Mazaa Toh Sab Ke Saath Hi Aata Hai’ translating to, ‘Watching a film alone amounts to just whiling away time; the real joy of watching a movie is together, in the theatre.’

Commenting on the campaign, Gautam Dutta, Co-CEO, PVR INOX Limited said, “We are thrilled to unveil our new campaign, Bada Dekho. Sath Dekho which underscores the unwavering commitment of PVR INOX Ltd. to celebrate the collective cinematic experience. The new campaign is a testament to the magic that unfolds when individuals from different backgrounds come together to create lasting memories at the theatre that enrich bonds and connections. Cinemas the giant screens, and the thunderous sound, the cinema experience offers a unique atmosphere characterized by the auditorium’s darkness, unfamiliarity with the co-audience, yet a unified sense of awe and appreciation for the content playing on the screen. It goes beyond the reel, emphasizing the joy that is truly experienced when we watch a film together. We invite everyone to experience the magic of shared moments and the enduring joy of the big screen.”

In this cinematic journey, “Bada Dekho. Saath Dekho” underlines the belief that the true essence of cinema extends beyond the screen – it is about the shared memories etched in the hearts of the audience and creating a simulated family for three hours within the confines of the theatre. The campaign is currently running on PVR INOX’s own digital platforms, OTT platforms and cinemas and has already garnered a lot of interest.

Join PVR INOX on this enchanting cinematic journey and experience the magic that unfolds when individuals unite to celebrate the joy of the big screen with “Bada Dekho. Saath Dekho” Campaign.