Mr. Ashish Tyibdewal,

By Mr. Ashish Tyibdewal, Country Director-India, Global Schools Foundation

After analyzing the Interim Union Budget 2024, it is evident that the government’s dedication to education and skill enhancement is praiseworthy. The National Education Policy (NEP) has brought about transformational reforms, emphasizing the importance of holistic education and skill development.

The emphasis on such development and growth aligns with the evolving needs of the 21st-century workforce. However, to truly propel our education system forward, we must prioritize the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in hybrid education and learning methods. This will not only enhance personalized learning experiences but also equip students with essential future-ready skills.

Also, while the budget addresses the expansion of vocational training, a reduction in GST taxes on educational resources and services would further incentivize investment in this critical sector. It is essential to create an enabling environment that encourages private sector participation and innovation in education. Undoubtedly, the budget lays a strong foundation for educational reform, but we must also focus on these crucial areas to ensure that our education system remains at the forefront of global innovation and excellence.

The Interim Union Education Budget 2024 overall reflected a comprehensive vision for education and skill development, and it is heartening to see the government’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and enhancing the quality of education in India.