Mr. Rahul Ranjan,

By Mr. Rahul Ranjan, Director of Mrig Sight Media-

I appreciate the government’s commitment to ‘Reform, Perform, and Transform,’ foreseeing a promising trajectory. The collaborative efforts with states and stakeholders resonate with the essence of startups, emphasizing innovation and growth. The targeted support for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is particularly commendable, as it provides startups with the necessary financial backing, technological empowerment, and essential training. The streamlined regulatory approach underscores a keen understanding of the pivotal role bureaucracy plays in nurturing entrepreneurship.

The alignment with ‘Panchamrit’ goals and the dedication to ensuring energy security directly addresses challenges faced by startups, showcasing a government attuned to our industry’s needs. The proactive measures to prepare the financial sector for investment needs signal a government actively supporting the intricacies of the startup ecosystem. In conclusion, this forward-looking approach fosters an environment where startups can not only survive but thrive, contributing significantly to both economic growth and innovation in the country.