Pioneering Laminates

As a trailblazer in laminate innovation, FORMICA is proud to reveal its latest creation: VIS, an engineering marvel that seamlessly combines durability with refined aesthetics. Today, consumers understand that surfaces are pivotal to both style and function, and VIS takes the lead in this realm.

Harmony of Elements: Beyond the Surface

At its core, VIS captures the fusion of mineral components, endowing it with unmatched wear resistance, and organic elements that engage the senses unlike anything else. However, its allure surpasses the tactile. It’s more than a surface; it’s a testament to longevity, utility, and timeless enjoyment. Driven by state-of-the-art technology, this surface transforms practicality into an art form; ensuring surfaces withstand the test of time. VIS stands out for its remarkable ability to withstand wear and tear, showcasing exceptional durability and longevity. Its enduring nature makes it a top choice for applications requiring resilience. Available in a palette of black, blues, greys, browns, whites, yellows, and oranges, VIS emanates sophistication.

Nature’s Influence: Melding Strength and Elegance

Inspired by the forces of nature, VIS encapsulates the intricate interplay between strength and humanity, reminiscent of ancient mythologies that revered this dynamic harmony. Accompanying VIS is an exclusive assortment of 20 meticulously curated decors, featuring stone textures, patterns, and woodgrains, each a fusion of aesthetics and utility. These designs are complemented by five distinct finishes – Urban, Kèr, Alève, Luna, and Mika – each celebrating uniqueness and grace.

A Remarkable Fusion of Form and Function

VIS boasts a remarkable set of features that redefine the standards of surface performance. From impeccable hygiene standards and effortless cleaning to exceptional impact resistance and enduring durability, VIS sets a new standard. Notably, its food-contact suitability reaffirms its versatility. Crafted by skilled artisans at Arpa Industriale and exclusively presented by FORMICA, VIS takes its rightful place as a marvel in the world of engineered surfaces. It’s more than aesthetics; it’s a testament to tactile robustness, lasting resilience, and timeless refinement.

Eternal Resilience: Confluence of Design and Strength

Amidst passing trends, VIS presents an array of choices, encompassing both Thin and Solid VIS Color Matching Core variations, available in dimensions of 3050 x 1300 mm, 4200 x 1300 mm, and 4200 x 1600 mm. VIS represents an emblem of contemporary refinement, offering tribute to tangible resilience and enduring grace—an effortless blend of nature’s essence and human craftsmanship. The crafted wonder is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.7 mm to 12 mm. In essence, FORMICA’s VIS reimagines surfaces, transcending the ordinary to craft enduring impressions.

With VIS, FORMICA reshapes the horizons of engineered surfaces, where durability encounters sophistication, and where tactile encounters stand the trial of time.