Parle’s latest campaign f

Mumbai, 11th June 2024: Parle Products has launched its latest campaign for Parle 20-20 cookies. The brand’s past campaign thrilled us with a quirky set of situations that one has to smile through. This year, the brand has a three-film campaign that ups the ante on the same underlying theme. The cookie market in India has matured quite a bit. Parle 20-20 cookies have kept the mood light and are back to entertain us once again.

The earlier campaign had the main character smiling through the situation they are in. Whether it’s the air hostess putting on a plastic smile, or a bride going through the motions of greeting every relative with a forced smile. This campaign pushes the humor further by putting the protagonist in an unexpected situation where they really have to grin and bear it.

The campaign has been created and executed by the Mumbai team of Thought Blurb Communications.

In each film, there’s a seemingly ordinary situation that turns on its head and snaps the viewer around. The last scene is nothing that the audience expects. The grin that the viewer sees is the grin of confusion or consternation, or just plain resignation. And yet, it’s a smile. The message, ‘Yunhi smile mat karo, dil se khush ho jao’ just got a fresh new makeover.

Speaking on the campaign, Mayank Shah, Vice President, Parle Products, says he is confident in the route. “We tried this new brand message last year and tested it out. The market response was positive, so we decided to put our full effort behind it. All marketing initiatives were directed towards supporting the brand message”, he said. “Still, no caution has been thrown to the wind and everybody knows that a brand message needs to grow in stages.”

Renu Somani, National Creative Director of Thought Blurb Communications, explains the creative aspect of the project. “It was interesting looking for an alternate take on the tagline. Last year, we were trying to establish the idea, and needed the films to simply explain the direction of the messaging. We now have the confidence to push the envelope outward.”

Adding to her statement, Vinod Kunj, Chief Creative Officer of Though Blurb Communications asserts the importance of the team coming together. “The Parle team and our agency worked together to bring this multi-language campaign together. It was important to monitor how every market was reacting to the message. Broadcast, digital and social platforms were kept in check. We are all excited to see this campaign go further along the way in building the brand’s equity.”