08th May 2024, Mumbai: Parksons Cartamundi, a leading player in the evolving world of playing cards worldwide, today unveiled a new digital film for the launch of “The Official Mumbai Indians Playing Cards”. The exciting new film captures the essence of Mumbai’s passionate fan culture, showcasing how cricket transcends the boundaries of the stadium and brings people together.

Produced by Schbang Motion Pictures, the film explores the essence of what it means to be an “Asli Fan.” These are the passionate supporters who go beyond simply watching the game. They live and breathe their team spirit, actively participating in the experience. They’re the ones proudly sporting Mumbai Indians jerseys, and now, owning a deck of these specially designed playing cards becomes another way to showcase their devotion. Understanding this, Parksons Cartamundi has launched a captivating/fun digital film cleverly highlighting the shared spirit of competition that binds cricket and playing cards. Just like on the cricket pitch, where the best team emerges victorious, playing cards offer a fun and competitive experience that unites people.

The narrative follows a dedicated Mumbai Indians fan navigating the vibrant city, encountering fellow fans from all walks of life – from taxi drivers to fishermen, dabbawalas to gully cricket players. United by their love for the game and their team, they connect through the joy of playing cards, showcasing the diverse and relatable characters that make Mumbai’s fan culture so special. With the tagline “Asli Fan Khelta Hai!” (A True Fan Plays!), the campaign celebrates this passionate fan culture. The film beautifully captures how playing cards transcend boundaries, uniting fans in their shared love for the game.

Speaking about the latest film, Mr. Kapil Kejriwal, CEO & MD, of Parksons Cartamundi Private Limited, said, “At Parksons Cartamundi, we believe playing cards is not just a game to pass your time. Rather, it plays an essential role in adding emotions and unity to every game played. Similarly, the new range of Mumbai Indians playing cards helps the Asli Fans support and play the match along with their favorite team. Our new film perfectly captures this spirit, showcasing how the joy of playing cards transcends boundaries and unites fans in a shared love for the game. Through this digital film, we aim to inspire fans to embrace their passion for cricket and card playing!”

The film opens with a captivating montage of everyday Mumbai characters converging on an empty parking lot. As the camera pans across, we see glimpses of a pack of the Parksons Cartamundi X Mumbai Indians cards being shuffled, hinting at the playful competition to come. The narrative unfolds with the protagonist, a die-hard Mumbai Indians fan, showcasing his signature card moves and infectious enthusiasm. Further highlighting, various types of Mumbaikers showcasing celebration and support in their unique styles for their favorite cricket team.

Speaking on the film Rachaita Vyas, Head of Schbang Motion Pictures said, “We are delighted to announce our successful partnership with Parksons Cartamundi for the launch of an innovative project. Embracing the spirit of IPL, we have created a captivating experience that resonates with the Mumbai-ya vibe. This collaboration has been a rewarding journey, and we are thrilled to have contributed to something special for our target audience.”

Zeeshanali Ruby, Associate Vice President – Brand Solutions, Schbang shared his views, “The most effective approach to selling and generating awareness about an entertainment solution is by captivating and entertaining the audience with the promotional content itself. By immersing them in an engaging experience, we not only grab their attention but also leave a lasting impression that drives interest and enthusiasm for our offering.”