Bengaluru 2nd March 2024 Oxford ELLT, a leading name in English language level assessment, today announced the launch of its global brand campaign supporting its fast growing, world-class language testing products – Oxford ELLT Digital and Oxford ELLT Global. These innovative language testing products cater to the evolving needs of Indian students aspiring for Higher Education abroad, providing a secure and reliable method for assessing reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Accredited and recognised globally across UK, USA, Australia and Canada by 120+ universities like the University of Bristol, University of York, University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh, Hertfordshire University, and University of Niagara Falls, Canada. Oxford ELLT has 10 test centres in India for assessment with many more to be launched soon.

Oxford ELLT’s language testing products comprises reading, listening, writing, and speaking modules, emphasizing a comprehensive evaluation. To offer Indian students convenience and flexibility, post the launch of Oxford ELLT’s inaugural product, it has provided support to students globally, including those from India- Oxford ELLT Digital, a fully online modularized English Language Level Test, that can be undertaken from any location globally. The modular structure allows students to pause and resume at their convenience, making it adaptable to diverse schedules. Students can undertake the test from any location globally, combining the latest AI security measures with human proctoring to ensure accurate skill evaluation.

For students in regions with internet challenges, Oxford ELLT Global offers a secure testing environment at approved test centres. This in-person testing option provides peace of mind for both candidates and universities, ensuring accurate evaluations of English language proficiency levels in a single-sitting. With a focus on accuracy and accessibility the results are available for the students in 48 hours.

In both types of test, the Oxford ELLT Examiner who meets with the candidate in the speaking test will have also marked their written test, thereby being provided with a holistic view of the candidate’s abilities. We know from test taker surveys that the live Examiner is deeply appreciated, with 71% of those who responded to our surveys stating that they would recommend the test for the live speaking test with examiner.

Oxford ELLT is

Accredited: It is accepted by top ranking Universities across the globe and is rapidly growing

Accurate: Test results are an accurate reflection of a candidate’s English proficiency

Accelerated: The results are accessible in 48 hours

Accessible: The tests are accessible for students with speech impediments and regional accents.

Mr. Amit Upadhyay, Regional Director – India & South Asia, Oxford ELLT said, “Oxford ELLT is committed to empowering students on their academic journey by providing innovative and reliable language testing solutions. With the launch of Oxford ELLT Digital and Oxford ELLT Global, we aim to bridge accessibility gaps and facilitate greater opportunities for Indian students seeking Higher Education abroad. Through the integration of cutting-edge AI technology and a commitment to academic integrity, we aim to provide students with a platform that offers flexibility, reliability, and peace of mind. These new programs exemplify our ongoing dedication to supporting students on their academic journey, empowering them to achieve their goals with confidence.”