ONDC Network

Chennai, 5th February 2024: Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is thrilled to announce the launch of the most reliable public transport system Metro Rail on the Network, marking a significant expansion in the mobility domain through the inclusion of mass transit systems. This initiative begins with the Chennai Metro, setting a milestone as the first metro service in India to be available on the ONDC Network.

Starting February 2nd, customers can effortlessly purchase single journey and return journey tickets for the Chennai Metro through these buyer apps on the ONDC Network — Rapido, Namma Yatri and redBus. Additionally, Google Maps and PhonePe will also soon be able to offer these services, further enhancing customer convenience and choice. Furthermore, ONDC Buyer apps will be immediately also able to offer Metro ticketing for any Metro going live on the ONDC Network. The overall ticketing experience on ONDC Network was enabled by CMRL partnering with Yaary, the first seller-side technology partner for metros to go live on the ONDC Network.

The integration of metro services on the ONDC Network heralds a new era in digital mobility, promising seamless access to public transport across major cities. Following Chennai, the Kochi Metro, Kanpur Metro, Pune Metro, and other metro services are poised to join the network, making urban transit more accessible and efficient for millions of commuters.

This initiative not only simplifies the ticket purchasing process but also paves the way for a holistic, multimodal transportation experience. With both metro and other transport modes available on the ONDC Network, users can enjoy a seamless journey combining different modes of transport such as First Mile (Auto), Middle Mile (Metro) and Last Mile (Auto) among others. For example, a daily commute could include booking a bike, metro and an auto ride within a single app.

In addition, the Network is built to support innovative bundling. Ancillary services like shopping for groceries and necessities can be timed during the commute for convenience. As we move forward, ONDC looks forward to welcoming more metros and buyer apps on the Network, ensuring that the future of urban mobility is inclusive, accessible, and innovative.

T. Koshy, MD & CEO, ONDC, said, “At ONDC, we believe in embracing innovation. As Chennai Metro joins the Open Network, it is not just a milestone but rather a bold stride towards revolutionizing mass transit. This isn’t merely about ticketing, it’s about unlocking the full spectrum of possibilities for commuters. From multimodal integration to a seamless blend of ancillary services, ONDC is all set to redefine mobility.”

Thiru M.A Siddique, MD, CMRL said, “By partnering with ONDC, CMRL is now completely opening up access to its ticketing application service, allowing a wide range of app developers to integrate their apps with the CMRL ticketing system. Surely, other metro rail companies, metropolitan transport companies and paratransit operators would soon connect to the open network. We look forward to fostering innovation in integrated and multimodal transit solutions as more app developers join the open network, which presents immense value by obviating the need to develop separate interfaces with each transit system operator.”

Shan M S, Chief Growth Officer, Juspay, said, “At Namma Yatri, our vision is to make public transport as easy as booking a cab. With Chennai Metro now on the ONDC Network, we’re excited to create a superior multimodal travel experience, making city commutes convenient, efficient and sustainable. With over 10,000 Namma Yatri auto drivers already in Chennai, customers can now book both autos and metro tickets in the Namma Yatri app, all on the ONDC network. We’re thrilled to be part of this urban mobility transformation in Chennai.”

Aravind Sanka, co-founder, Rapido, said “Working with ONDC on this initiative with ONDC marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide holistic commuting solutions. Introducing metro ticket bookings on the Rapido app aims to streamline the daily commute for millions of Chennai residents, offering them a seamless and affordable travel experience. The initiative further aligns with the vision of making transportation more accessible and also contributes to the larger narrative of a digitally empowered India. Rapido has expanded its horizons into multi-modal logistics, offering users the capability to book end-to-end commutes on the Rapido platform.

Prakash Sangam, CEO, redBus, said “The integration with ONDC and Chennai Metro will go a long way in enhancing the overall experience of public transport for people in Chennai as well as travelers visiting the city. Together with ONDC and Chennai Metro, we will address the issue of first and last mile connectivity for intercity travelers to Chennai. It will also offer a major boost to digital metro ticketing within the city and aligns with our larger vision of providing easy to use mobility solutions.”

Hari Prasadh, Co-Founder, Yaary said “Metro transportation is a highly reliable and efficient mode of urban transit. At Yaary we take an ecosystem first approach which can enable seamless multi-modal transportation. By enabling CMRL ticketing on the ONDC network, several network participants can now offer the convenience of metro ticketing to their customers. This will only make a truly engaging customer experience and open up new possibilities for an easier commute. Yaary will be powering various metro as country wide initiative.”