Novotel Pune is delighted to announce a Lebanese Food Festival from May 24th to June 2nd, featuring the celebrated Chef Jameela Ghani. With 27 years of experience in Syrian, Lebanese, and Middle Eastern cuisine, Chef Jameela will bring her culinary expertise to this vibrant event. Chef Jameela’s illustrious career has taken her to various prestigious hotels and restaurants, where she has honed her skills and introduced traditional Middle Eastern flavors to a diverse audience.

The festival, themed “Taste of Lebanon: A Culinary Odyssey,” celebrates the rich tapestry of Lebanese cuisine. Guests will be treated to a specialized menu featuring authentic dishes such as mezze platters, grilled meats, traditional stews, and flavorful vegetarian options.

Chef Jameela’s

Chef Jameela’s signature dishes, Qouzi (stuffed baby lamb) and Kunafa (baked vermicelli-like cheese pastry), showcase her dedication to quality, taste, and culinary creativity. She emphasizes the use of fresh Arabian ingredients sourced from the finest local suppliers, ensuring a feast that satisfies every palate.

Join us at Novotel Pune for an unforgettable celebration of Lebanese cuisine.

What: Lebanese Food Festival
Where: The Square, Novotel Pune
When: May 24 – June 02, 2024, 19:30 to 23:00