Novotel Mumbai

Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach is excited to announce the revamp of its legendary pan-Asian restaurant, Sampan. Located at the lobby level, Sampan is set to redefine fine dining with an elegant and culturally rich ambiance, offering an exquisite dining experience by the Arabian Sea.

The revamped Sampan exudes elegance and charm with a well-lit and cozy ambiance, creating the perfect setting for families and small gatherings. Nestled along the Arabian Sea, the restaurant offers a breath-taking view of the Juhu Beach, where the interplay of sunset, sea waters, and pool transforms every meal into a cherished memory. Sampan’s interiors adorned with antique wood detailing, add a sensory depth that enhances the overall dining experience.

The heart of Sampan lies in its menu, curated by the legendary Chef Penpa, whose artistry breathes life into every dish. The menu artfully merges a symphony of Pan Asian delights, skillfully marrying tradition and innovation. From the artful signature dumplings to Bollywood-inspired specialties and ocean-fresh seafood creations, each plate tells a tale of culinary mastery. Tandoori offerings entice with smoky allure and tender succulence, while desserts pay tribute to cultural influences. Handcrafted cocktails and a meticulously curated wine selection elevate the experience, making each bite a journey through the heart of Pan Asian cuisine.

Furthermore, Sampan offers a unique opportunity for guests to interact with Chef Penpa, whose age-old recipes and unique cooking style have made him a Bollywood favorite. These distinctive features, combined with an array of culinary delights, make Sampan the go-to destination for those seeking an extraordinary dining experience.

General Manager of Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, Vishal Gupta, expresses his excitement, stating, “Sampan has always been a culinary gem in Mumbai, and with this revamp, we are taking it to new heights. We’ve created a dining experience that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, providing our guests with a taste of the extraordinary.”