8th September 2023: NephroPlus, India’s leading network of dialysis clinics and a pioneer in revolutionizing dialysis therapy announces its 51:49 Joint Venture with Tibbiyah (Arabian International Healthcare Holding Company) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). After successfully delivering dialysis in India, South Asia and Central Asia, the strategic partnership in KSA, will further strengthen NephroPlus’ position as the leading dialysis network in Asia.

Tibbiyah, the healthcare holding company of Al Faisaliah Group, has been delivering healthcare technology solutions for over 50 years in KSA. Through this deal, NephroPlus will be responsible for the network’s dialysis operations and will lend its brand, its latest clinical protocols, proprietary training programs, and its in-house-developed Babylon software to this Joint Venture, to improve dialysis care in KSA.

As a part of the company’s overseas expansion strategy, NephroPlus aims to provide world-class quality dialysis to 4,000-5,000 patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the next 2-3 years. There are around 22,000 patients in the KSA market, and Nephroplus and Tibbiyah are committed to working with the government to provide high-quality dialysis services to these patients.

On the successful partnership with Saudi Arabia’s leading conglomerate, Mr. Vikram Vuppala, Founder and CEO, of NephroPlus, said: “We are excited to have joined forces with TIBBIYAH, which has a long history and a long list of achievements in the KSA Healthcare sector. Our vision from this partnership is to use the unique capabilities of both companies to deliver best in the world dialysis care services to the patients, provide personalized care based on cofounder’s own personal experiences on dialysis and continuously introduce new cutting edge dialysis modalities to the people on dialysis in KSA. The joint venture with TIBBIYAH is another big step ahead towards fulfilling the mission of NephroPlus by ensuring the high-quality and empathetic dialysis services in the countries we serve. With our patient-centric care model, and our combined global experience and infrastructure, we will be able to offer dialysis patients best clinical outcomes and services levels and enable them to lead a long, happy and productive lives.”

On partnering with NephroPlus to improve the dialysis scenario in KSA, Tibbiyah’s CEO Mr. Alaa Ameen, states, “We are delighted to announce this signing of the Tibbiyah-NephroPlus Joint Venture Agreement for the investment, operations, management and maintenance of dialysis care centres for public and private customers in the KSA. This partnership combines the expertise of NephroPlus and TIBBIYAH, and will enable TIBBIYAH to enter another attractive healthcare market segment that has strong fundamentals, is conducive to growth and strengthen our position as one of the main players in the Kingdom’s Healthcare Sector.

We are excited to leverage NephroPlus’ expertise in delivering high-quality care for KSA’s dialysis patients”.