Bengaluru,27th September 2023Mudrex, a globally renowned crypto investment platform headquartered in Bengaluru and San Francisco, and backed by Y-Combinator has achieved successful registration in India and regulatory recognition in the European Union (EU). The company is now a registered reporting entity with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in India and holds the status of a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) accredited by the Bank of Lithuania within the EU. Mudrex has also recently obtained its OAM (Organismo Agenti e Mediatori) certification in Italy. This milestone underscores Mudrex’s commitment to regulatory compliance in places that it operates.

Mudrex prioritizes the security of user data and transactions and has implemented rigorous measures to safeguard its platform. These include multi-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and other robust security protocols. Furthermore, all user funds held on the platform are insured through Lloyds of London.

With the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies, Mudrex places paramount importance on aligning its operations with the most stringent legal and financial compliance standards. The attainment of regulatory clarity in India and the EU positions Mudrex as a forerunner in ensuring compliance excellence within the cryptocurrency space. This accomplishment reflects the company’s dedication to transparency, security, and user trust, and it reinforces its commitment to fostering a safe and reliable environment for cryptocurrency investors worldwide.

Commenting on this, CEO and Co-founder Mr. Edul Patel, said, “Mudrex is now India’s most regulatory compliant company. We believe that by taking these proactive steps, we are ensuring our platform’s integrity, increasing trust with our users and also contributing to the broader adoption and acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the global financial system.”