Ms Karuna Gopal,

Hyderabad, 16th August 2023 Ms Karuna Gopal, President – Foundation for Futuristic Cities, Independent Director – Engineers India Ltd and BJP National In-charge for Policies and Research; is invited to speak at the BRICS Innovation Forum in Moscow, Russia. The invitation is extended by the Director General of Moscow Innovation Cluster, City of Moscow. The BRICS Innovation Forum will take place in Moscow from 27th to 29th of August 2023.

The Forum is a Global Platform to discuss the future of Cities and Technology. Key participants would be Mayors from BRICS countries, policy & decision makers from more than 50 major BRICS and MENA (Middle East & North Africa) cities apart from Science, Technology & Innovation experts, Promoters of hi-tech companies and startups, R&D professionals, researchers and Government Officials.

The invitation letter said, “Ms Gopal’s participation as a speaker will be of tremendous relevance and value for BRICS Innovation Forum with her vast international expertise on Smart and Sustainable Cities, Innovation, Technology and People-Centric Governance”.

Speaking about it, Ms Karuna Gopal Vartakavi said “I am particularly happy to represent India for 2 reasons, the first is I will have the opportunity to share our country’s progress in ushering Technology & Industrial Innovation, Collaborative International Partnerships and Sustainable Development Goals especially, since I have been part of India Technology Vision 2047. The second reason is that Moscow occupies a leading position in advanced urban digital technologies and infrastructure – it is an honour that I have been selected to sign a Multilateral Moscow Declaration on Innovative Development”.

This declaration is an opportunity given to Ministries, Cities, and Development Institutes from friendly countries that take part in the Forum (from Brazil, India, South Africa, China, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Belarus, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Senegal, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, etc.). On the Moscow part, the declaration will be signed by the Government of Moscow. The goal of the Declaration is to make the BRICS Innovation Forum a solid platform that brings together and facilitates partnerships among the innovative development entities from the whole world.

Ms Karuna Gopal is a Global Thought Leader, Innovator, and sought-after Keynote speaker. In the last decade, Ms Gopal gave more than 100 Keynote & Plenary Addresses Globally at conferences relating to Technology | Sustainable Smart Cities | Innovation Economy.