Mother's Recipe

Mumbai, 15th May 2024: Mother’s Recipe, known for its tasty flavors, has launched a touching TVC campaign in honor of Mother’s Day. The campaign beautifully portrays the unwavering love and care mothers shower upon their children, reflected in the food they lovingly prepare.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, Mother’s Recipe aims to honor the invaluable contributions of Mothers in nurturing and nourishing their families. The TVC campaign captures the essence of maternal love, illustrating how every meal prepared by a mother is infused with affection, warmth, and care. To celebrate this special day, Mother’s Recipe has also announced exciting offers with discounts up to 50% on its website.

The Mother’s Recipe TVC campaign will be broadcast across various Hindi television channels and digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Through this initiative, Mother’s Recipe strives to evoke a deep sense of gratitude and reverence for the unmatched role that mothers play in shaping our lives.