New Delhi | 22nd August 2023: Moneycontrol, India’s leading markets and finance platform, has launched the ‘Bullish On India’ campaign to showcase India’s rising economic might, as it emerges stronger from the pandemic amid a sluggish world economy.

The campaign aims to analyze the key drivers of India’s economic growth while fostering awareness about the unparalleled potential the nation offers at a time of a global economic slowdown.

‘Bullish On India’ will put a spotlight on India’s vast economic landscape to provide investors, businesses, and readers with comprehensive insights into the factors propelling India’s growth trajectory. With detailed analysis of macroeconomic factors like manufacturing, demography, economy, markets and India’s rising stand in the global leadership, ‘Bullish on India’ has been presented as a data-backed campaign that underlines India’s resilient economic growth in a world grappling with recession.

The platform has also launched an eBook that evaluates the main factors influencing India’s economic growth while raising awareness of the unprecedented potential the country has to offer.

With the nation set to become the third largest economy soon, the campaign captures various facets of India’s growth story through a unique editorial series, which will see contributions from leading names from finance and policy.

The campaign has also drawn applause from both India Inc. and the government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacting to Moneycontrol’s ‘Bullish on India’ campaign on August 19, called India’s economy a beacon of hope amidst global challenges. He remarked that the future holds promise, due to the nation’s steadfast determination.

He also emphasized how important it is to continue on this upbeat path and ensure the well-being of the country’s 1.4 billion people.

Congratulating Moneycontrol on launching the #BullishOnIndia campaign, Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industries said, “Optimism is in the air and spirits are high, there is a newfound confidence in India. Thank you, Moneycontrol for your support to this optimism. I am an optimist, I believe each one of you is equally optimistic, equally confident, equally ready, and willing to fulfil your duties to make India the global superpower, make India amongst the top three economies of the world, and ensure that every Indian has a better future. Our generations ahead will remember this generation as the people who created the India story.”