India,14th October 2023 MedRabbits, a pioneering integrated healthcare service based in India, collaborated with NRBC Bank PLC and DHAKA Bank Limited, leading financial institutions based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to host a comprehensive Health Camp aimed at safeguarding the health of its employees. The event was inaugurated by Mr.Golam Awlia, CEO and Managing Director of NRBC Bank PLC and Mohammad Abu Jafar, Acting Managing Director of Dhaka Bank Limited respectively at the respective bank’s head office on Sunday, October 08, 2023 and Monday, October 09.

The Health Camp was spearheaded by MedRabbits’ GM, Mr. Rana Bhatacharyya. The initiative was aimed to promote employee well-being and provide invaluable insights on a range of medical disciplines, including Radiotherapy, Cancer treatment, Robotic Knee Replacement, Liver cancer, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Specialist doctors from MedRabbits’ hospital partners K D Hospital, Ahmedabad and Cytecare Cancer Hospital, Bangalore respectively. During the event, employees and staff from branches and sub-branches of both the banks across the country were able to engage with specialist doctors through an online platform, ensuring access to quality healthcare regardless of the location.

Amol Deshmukh, CEO and Founder of MedRabbits, expressed his gratitude towards the partnership with NRBC Bank PLC & Dhaka Bank Limited , stating, “We are excited and honored to collaborate with NRBC Bank PLC & Dhaka Bank Limited in this endeavor to prioritize the health of their employees. MedRabbits is dedicated to delivering accessible and high-quality healthcare, and this Health Camp is a testament to our shared commitment to employee well-being.”

Golam Awlia, CEO and Managing Director, NRBC Bank PLC emphasized the bank’s commitment to the health and mental well-being of its employees stating, “We prioritize the physical and mental health of our employees. We believe that a healthy and motivated workforce can contribute to the overall improvement of the bank. During the time of the pandemic, we have provided medical services to our employees and customers through specialist doctors. Moreover, we have provided safety equipment to those deployed in emergency tasks.”

In presence of Deputy Managing Directors – Md. Mostaque Ahmed, A K M Shahnawaj, Akhlakur Rahman and H M Mostafizur Rahman, EVP & Head of Retail Banking of Dhaka Bank, Mohammad Abu Jafar, Acting Managing Director of Dhaka Bank Limited said, “In this campaign, employees of Dhaka Bank Limited will be awarded to protect their health and make significant improvement in their quality of life.” Employees of all branches of Dhaka Bank participated virtually spontaneously in the health care discussion session through Zoom Apps.

The Health Camp exemplifies NRBC Bank PLC’s & Dhaka Bank Limited’s unwavering dedication to the health and welfare of their employees, reflecting the bank’s broader mission to foster a thriving and motivated workforce.