Alandi, Pune, 9th February 2024:The observance of the ongoing Bhakti AmritMahotsav has been added with more glorious fervors as the GeetaPariwar organized the Matrishakti Conference to highlight the significance of the women in our society and our basic responsibility to encourage them with high respect. The conference held on 7 February – the fourth day of the grand festivity, witnessed rich deliberations on women’s empowerment.

One cannot stop mentioning the most significant highlight of the event, Geeta Bhakti Amrit Mahotsava- The Mahayagya of 81 havankundai happening in the sacred DevachiAlandi for the first time. Each day the Mahayagya is performed for the welfare of the society at large graced by different Yajman’s. The constant vibrations from the chanting of the sacred scriptures by 2000 plus Vedics is once in a lifetime opportunity that one could not afford to miss.

Day 3 of Baghwad Katha commenced with the reverberating chants of Shri Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram by all present in the Geeta Bhakti AmritMahotsava ceremony at DevachiAlandi. The Jai Ghosh by the devotees with such fervour made one feel that the desire of every devotee was being heard by the divine.

Swamiji’svatsalyabhava was again evident today when twelve respectful women achievers from different fields who dedicated their life for the social upliftment& empowerment of society. Notable among them were SmtLatataiBhishikarji, BhagyalataPataskarji, PramilaMaheshwariji, IndumatiKatdareji, LeenaMehendaleji, Vijay Godboleji, LalitaMalpaniji, LeenaRastogiji, KalyaniNamjoshiji, SarojaBhateji, Dr.MangalaChinchoreji, and MandaGandheji. Swamiji and other esteemed guests praised and applauded these women for their selfless contributions.

ParamPujyaShriGovindGirjiMaharaj said, “ Today, while honouring 12 remarkable women, let us acknowledge their valuable efforts and hard work, which reflect the core of our cultural legacy. Their selfless contributions are a testament to their unwavering commitment to the welfare of society and safeguarding the timeless wisdom embedded in our traditions.”

The spiritual extravaganza also witnessed the august presence of revered spiritual gurus and intellectuals like Swami ShriGovindDev Giriji Maharaj, PujyaShriShriRavishankarjiMaharaj, Respected ShriSudhanshujiMaharaj, Respected ShrimatiRajshreeji Birla, Respected Ms.SadhviRitambharajiDidiMaa, Respected ShriChinnaJiyarSwamijiMaharaj and Respected Baba ShriSatyanarayanjiMaurya.

Sharing his views and sentiments on Geeta Bhakti AmritMahotsava, PujyaShriShriRavishankarJiMaharaj said, “You have bound the entire saint community of Bharat with a thread of knowledge, and those knowledgeable ones are none other than the divine Lord Krishna. I express my gratitude for this to Swamiji. Your celebration, the Geeta Bhakti AmritMahotsav, is not a coincidence but a divine arrangement. The waves of devotion in this festival at the sacred land of Alandi are so profound that even atheists cannot escape its impact.”

The day reached its pinnacle with the soul-stirring ‘BharatmataAarti’ by Baba ShriSatyanarayanMaurya, renowned for his Bharat Maa Ki Aarti. In his unique way, Baba Ji very beautifully shared the rich history of BHARAT, unravelling the true essence of being a Bharti. Through his extraordinary art and musical renditions, Baba Ji left a positive impact, enhancing knowledge and fostering a sense of pride among all attendees.