Mumbai / Chennai, 16th February 2023: Martin Foundation in association with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation and Space Zone India is all geared up for the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Satellite Launch Vehicle Mission- 2023. Through this initiative, more than 5000 students from Grades VI to XII from different parts of India, have been enabled to design and develop 150 PICO satellites, which are to be launched through the sounding rocket. This mission has also provided an opportunity for selected students to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

A total of 85% of the funding for this project is done by Martin Foundation. The milestone project – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Satellite Launch Vehicle Mission- 2023 – will be launched on the 19th of February 2023 from Pattipulam village, Chengalpattu district, Tamil Nadu.

The selected students have been taught about satellite technology through virtual classes, which have been followed by hands-on sessions to help them explore the project domain. They have also been made aware of the numerous benefits available in this sector.

Sharing his thoughts about the unique project, M George Marshall, Chief Operating Officer, Martin Group of Companies, said, “A total of 2000 students from more than 100 government schools are a part of this milestone project and it gives us a great sense of satisfaction. Enabling government school students to get trained in space sciences and providing them a platform to explore a career in that domain has been a gratifying experience.”

V Ranganathan, Satish Dhawan Scientist, who has held coveted positions in various space organizations of repute, registered his heartfelt appreciation to Martin Foundation, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation, and Space Zone India for curating an exclusive and timely initiative. “Awareness about the various opportunities available is the need of the hour. Most of the time, students don’t look beyond the tried and tested professions. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Satellite Launch Vehicle Mission- 2023 has opened many a door to the selected students. Apart from the immense knowledge gained through this initiative, the students get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This project should become an annual affair with more players contributing to making this event bigger and more beneficial. Such events will make India’s Space Programme robust and all-inclusive and position India as the leader in the space program in the near future,” he said.

Dr. Anand Megalingam, Founder and CEO, of Space Zone Private Limited, said that he was elated at being able to contribute to a robust space industry. “Our team of professionals in Satellite technology, rocket technology, drone technology, and other related fields has made this possible,” he said.

APJMJ Sheik Dawood and APJMP Sheik Saleem, grandnephews of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and co-founders AKIF- House of Kalam, Rameshwaram expressed their happiness about the successful implementation of the program.