Marking a pivotal moment

Sony Entertainment Television’s iconic saga, “Shrimad Ramayan,” has captured the hearts of viewers with its timeless narrative of Lord Ram’s life and teachings. Thus far, viewers have witnessed the journey of Lord Ram, Mata Sita, and Lakshman in vanvas, after Lord Ram’s exile from Ayodhya. And now, in a significant turn of events, acclaimed actor Nirbhay Wadhwa has stepped into the divine realm of “Shrimad Ramayan,” embodying the revered character of Lord Hanuman, thus unraveling the sacred bond between him and Lord Ram.

Lord Hanuman’s unwavering devotion, bravery, and selflessness exemplify the ideal devotee, and his bond with Lord Ram is characterized by mutual respect, trust, and love, making Hanuman one of the most revered figures in mythology.

Marking a pivotal moment in this epic saga, Nirbhay Wadhwa talks about his role as the mighty warrior, Hanuman, saying, “I have truly enjoyed watching the episodes of Shrimad Ramayan thus far and I now feel the responsibility to portray my character even more sharply since the entire cast has done such a wonderful job with their roles. As I step into the sacred shoes of Lord Hanuman, I am humbled by the opportunity to embody such a revered and beloved character yet again in my life. Through this portrayal, I seek to delve into the depths of this mighty warrior and unravel the divine bond between him and Lord Ram.”