Hubli marking his 51st visit

Hubli 18th March,2024: The Managing Director of LG Electronics India, Hong Ju Jeon visits Hubli in Karnataka, marking his 51st branch visit in the country. This visit underscores LG’s commitment to understanding regional consumer preferences.

Mr. Jeon was in charge of the Gulf region as subsidiary President of LG Electronics before coming to India in Jan 2024 as the Managing Director. Considering the vast demographics and growing economy of India, he aims to increase the consumer base by adopting a consumer-centric approach. Mr. Hong has spearheaded initiatives aimed at strengthening LG’s brand position in India. Under his guidance, LG has introduced flagship products such as the WASH TOWER, INSTA VIEW Refrigerator, and OLED TV, tailored to meet the evolving needs of Indian consumers.

During his visit, Mr. Hong Ju Jeon engaged with local retailers and on-ground teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of the region’s dynamics. He emphasized collaboration and transparency in fostering long-term relationships with Partners and other stakeholders across the country.

As LG continues to expand its footprints in India, Mr. Hong is committed to driving innovation and maintaining LG’s position as a trusted leader in the consumer electronics and home appliances market.

Commenting on his visit, Mr. Hong Ju Jeon-MD LG Electronics India stated, “Our commitment to the Indian market goes beyond just delivering innovative products. We believe in actively listening to our consumers, understanding their needs, and striving to exceed their expectations. I am extensively touring across India to gain firsthand insights that drive our efforts to continuous improvement”.

Mr. Hong’s vision revolves around actively engaging with consumers and stakeholders at the grassroots level. By regularly visiting regional markets, he aims to gather invaluable feedback directly from frontline teams. This approach enables LG to adapt its product offerings and business strategies according to the dynamic preferences and challenges faced by Indian consumers.