Make your Holi

As the incredible and colourful festival of Holi approaches, the time has come to let loose and celebrate both, the triumph of good over evil and the rejuvenating festival of Spring! To make your celebrations just that much easier and special, Shopclues presents a curated collection of products that you should add to your shopping cart – for you and your loved ones. We hope this list of 6 essentials from Shopclues adds vibrant joy to your life, just as the brilliant festival does.

1. Water gun pichkari for holi

This adorable and colourful non-toxic Pichkari is an essential part of any Holi celebration and will certainly bring a smile to everyone’s face- big or small. With a large storage tank, this Pichkari allows you to have uninterrupted Holi fun with your loved ones and its convenient pump ensures easy usage for all.

2. Takson Sales Water Balloons for Holi (500 pcs)

These multicoloured water balloons are easy to use and yet another Holi essential. A key part of everyone’s childhood, these latex balloons are safe to use and the sheer quantity ensures everyone will be included.

3 Riag Men’s White Plain Kurtas

Riag Men’s White Plain Kurtas encapsulate both tradition and practicality. These kurtas add a touch of cultural significance to the festivities while offering comfort and protection. The breathable fabric ensures ease of wear during outdoor celebrations and acts as a canvas for the celebrations to follow. Versatile in style, they effortlessly pair with various bottoms, allowing for effortless and traditional attire choices. This kurta marvellously blends tradition with practicality for a memorable celebration.

4. Customized T-Shirt For Holi

“Bura na mano Holi hai!” are words as old as time that truly encapsulate the youthful and fun spirit of Holi. Apparel Tech did what needed to be done and printed the same onto a comfortable and breathable t-shirt, perfect for summer. The colourful and captivating text will surely make your peers envious and help you have the Holi of your dreams.

5. BLK FOODS 400g Select Dry fruits combo| Gift pack | Almonds100g, Cashew100g & Raisins 200g| Almonds, Cashews, Raisins (400 g)

Dry fruits have been a part of Indian culture for centuries, and are often used in traditional celebrations and practices. Not only are they delicious, but they also offer a range of health benefits, from improving memory to boosting immunity. During festivals such as Holi, dry fruits are exchanged as gifts among friends and family. They are also used in traditional sweets and desserts, adding flavour and health-boosting properties. Whatever the purpose for your purchase, these dry fruits will certainly be of great benefit to both you and your family.

6. Canna India Oxidised Silver Jewel Set Silver

Add a glamorous and traditional touch to your Holi ensemble with this incredibly economical yet stylish jewellery set. Oxidised silver is something that matches with almost every outfit and this set can be worn with both traditional attire as well as western for a unique fusion twist.