Paytm UPI LITE enables users with quick and seamless transactions at a lightning fast speed on Paytm Super App. Users can carry out multiple transactions of smaller values of up to Rs 200 at one point. It allows users to add a maximum of Rs 2,000 twice a day, resulting in a total daily usage of up to Rs 4,000, at a single tap.

Paytm UPI LITE offers faster real-time transactions as no 4-6 digit PIN is required to make any payment. Owing to the ease, convenience, superior user experience, security and interoperability, Paytm UPI is the most preferred choice of users. Paytm UPI LITE is an ‘on-device wallet’ which enables real-time small value payments which reduces the load on the core banking system.

Currently, customers of UPI can only set up UPI LITE accounts. Also, users need to ensure that their bank supports UPI LITE features. Users can transfer UPI balance back to the same bank account anytime, without incurring any charges. It also declutters bank statements, with only one entry for all UPI LITE payments.

Paytm UPI LITE aims to make smaller value transactions hassle-free, quick and seamless. It also improves the success rate for UPI transactions while reducing the infrastructure load on the remitter bank’s systems. The process is so simple that users will be able to make smaller value transactions while paying for the groceries or topping up the phone balance with one-click single-factor authentication.

Making the entire experience quick and seamless, the company enables the users to conduct multiple transactions in a day up to Rs 4,000 in a single click without worrying about cap on the number of bank transactions. Paytm is the fastest in the industry with one of the lowest transaction failure rates in carrying out UPI transactions.