New Delhi, May 4, 2023 – In its ongoing commitment to helping enterprises seamlessly manage all stages of their last-mile operations, Locus – a global last-mile logistics technology company – today announced industry-specific enhancements of its premier, order-to-delivery Dispatch Management Platform for its growing retail, 3PL and CEP customer bases. These new features serve to unlock greater opportunities across all layers of the fulfillment ecosystem.

Retail and e-commerce brands must have the right technology in place to understand their real-world delivery constraints, fulfill delivery promises at scale, use the full potential of their fleets, and facilitate seamless order-to-delivery experiences that keep customers coming back. Locus has introduced several enhancements that cater to retail and ecommerce, including:

Powering superior consumer experiences: Retail can exceed consumer expectations by offering flexible and convenient delivery options with Delivery Linked Checkout, which optimizes deliveries via capacity-led slot bookings and includes multi-speed and time-definite delivery options for same- & next-day shipments. While Locus’ Order Management & Route Planning capabilities ensure seamless returns by optimizing reverse logistics, cancellations and reattempts with advanced routing

Enabling powerful omnichannel retail experiences: Retailers can provide consumers market-leading omnichannel fulfillment with Locus ShipFlex, which automates entire carrier workflows for optimal pricing and delivers end-to-end visibility of order-to-doorstep deliveries across in-house, contracted, and outsourced fleets. Cross-fleet Utilization facilitates efficient and cost-effective fulfillment by deploying the same fleet across different legs and business. Whereas Dark Store Optimization allows retailers to centralize dark store, in-store, and FC fulfillment on a single platform

3PLs and CEPs must also keep up with today’s staggering volume of shipments to build long-term relationships with the e-tailers and manufacturers they support. Locus’ technology enables faster and more efficient last-mile logistics by automating planning processes and enhancing real-time visibility, providing an easier way to manage challenging returns and cancellations, and connecting the dots across their operations and data. New enhancements to enable 3PLs & CEPs to perform at their best include:

Bringing efficiencies at scale to meet peak demand: Businesses can enable Daily Dynamic Optimization to optimize their routes and capacity allocation on a daily basis, thereby staying abreast with daily & seasonal fluctuations in capacity and demand. Similarly, Dynamic Zone Planning allows for the creation of daily custom zone clusters to ensure delivery capacity meets demand levels while optimizing on-ground resources. Finally, automated parcel sorting & processing allows for the accurate dispatch of orders in minimal time

Transporter Management: Allows carriers to bring all transporters onto a single platform to easily assign orders/routes to them at scale, thereby reducing the risk of deadlock if some transporters are out of commission.

“Locus has elevated our logistics operations to new heights of performance and productivity. Their advanced parcel sorting technology, combined with geocoding and route allocation, has transformed our order processing, resulting in faster order cycle times and 95% route mapping accuracy. The cost savings from reduced overhead resources have been a major boost to our bottom line. Locus has been an invaluable partner in our journey towards logistics excellence.” said Juster Correia, General Manager of Operations, BlueDart-DHL.

“The dramatic acceleration of online commerce channels coupled with dynamic customer preferences have spurred the growth of the Mexican e-grocery sector. Enabling convenience and faster deliveries has become the differentiator for business in this space. Thanks to Locus’s real-world ready dispatch management platform, we’ve improved our order visibility, optimized our delivery routes, enhanced our communication with rider personnel, and increased our on-time delivery performance, consequently increasing our customer satisfaction. Our partnership with Locus also helped us scale our business consistently and build brand loyalty amongst customers.” said Juan Pablo Diaz Rodriguez, Head of Last Mile of Jüsto.

“We’re constantly evolving alongside our customers in ways that give them a competitive edge and the latest updates to our Dispatch Management Platform are in direct response to their everyday needs,” said Nishith Rastogi, Founder & CEO, Locus. “Our solutions have already reduced dispatch planning time by 75%, minimized sorting time by 60%, and slashed 25% in operational costs for both industries, and we still see so much opportunity ahead.”