Livguard One

21st Dec 2023 New Delhi: Livguard, a key player in Energy Storage and Solutions under the SAR group proudly announces its strategic acquisition of Emuron Technologies, an industry leader in Battery Swapping and Battery Intelligence Solutions for 2 and 3-wheeler Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Emuron Technologies has a proprietary portfolio of cutting-edge battery swapping and IoT solutions tailored for 2 and 3-wheel EVs. Livguard is an established brand in inverters, automotive batteries, solar solutions, and lithium batteries, and this acquisition will further strengthen its position in the energy transition to the 2 & 3-wheeler EV market.

Mr. Rakesh Malhotra, Founder of Livguard, said, “We firmly believe that Battery Swapping will play a pivotal role in accelerating the adoption of 2 and 3-Wheeler EVs in India. Acquiring Emuron Technologies will help us in leveraging their battery swapping technology alongside our battery expertise. Our comprehensive solutions, combined with our EV subsystems portfolio, position us as a one-stop shop for all 2 and 3-Wheeler EV OEMs.”

Gurpreet Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer of Livguard, stated, “We look forward to this long-term strategic partnership between Livguard and Emuron. This partnership will help co-create a unique energy services eco-system for the 2 and 3-wheeler EV industry. This would enable the realization of our shared vision towards Net-Zero Mobility.”

Mr. Kunal Garg, Co-Founder and CEO of Emuron Technologies, shared, “We are delighted to strategically partner with Livguard. This collaboration allows us to rapidly deploy battery swapping stations, leveraging Livguard’s pan-India distribution and service network. We aim to manufacture cost-competitive solutions through Livguard’s well-established supply chain ecosystem.”

This acquisition marks another significant milestone in Livguard’s commitment to shaping the future of sustainable mobility by providing innovative solutions in the 2 and 3-wheeler EV sector.

The SAR Group has many eminent brands under its canopy like Livguard, LivPure, Livfast, Mooving, etc. The group recently ventured into the electric two-wheeler market with Lectrix EV.