Mumbai,21st March 2024 SGA PR, India’s youngest yet experienced communications consultancy, has been chosen as the communications partner by Zaggle, a leading SaaS FinTech company listed on both NSE and BSE. With this, SGA PR further strengthens its expertise in managing FinTech communications and earmarks the consultancy’s foray into post-listing communications for FinTechs.

The partnership also unfolds a new chapter in the relationship between the two companies as Strategic Growth Advisor (SGA) has already been working with Zaggle as their Investor Relations agency. SGA has been working on enhancing its capabilities to offer a complete bouquet of communications services to clients and today it stands out as one of the few agencies in the country to provide combined IR, PR, digital marketing and corporate reporting services. It is uniquely positioned to address the multifaceted communication needs of dynamic entities like Zaggle.

Speaking about the win, Rahul Jain and Sudhir Shetty, Partner & Joint CEO, SGA PR, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Zaggle to the SGA PR family. Our combined expertise in new-age economy PR and financial communications will undoubtedly create significant value for Zaggle, particularly as they navigate their exciting growth trajectory post-IPO. We are confident that our integrated approach will ensure transparent communication with both investors and the customers, solidifying Zaggle’s position as a leading force in the Fintech sector.”

Zaggle, established in 2011, is a Leading, Profitable & Listed SaaS FinTech player that provides spend management products and solutions to corporates. Zaggle is committed to offering best-in-class financial products and services for corporations, fostering their growth objectives, and ensuring a superior customer experience by bringing cutting-edge solutions.