Mumbai, 27 February 2023 – Specialty chemicals company LANXESS, is presenting its extensive portfolio of flavor & fragrance applications for the first time at XXV FAFAI International Convention & Expo in Kolkata, from February 24-25. The Flavors & Fragrances (F&F) business unit is showcasing its finest aroma chemicals range in Hall A, booth no: F-12.

LANXESS is a leading provider of high-quality flavor & fragrance applications and offers an extensive range of fragrances which includes more than 30 aroma chemicals. These offerings are high purity, consistent, nature identical and provide earthy, floral, fruity, cinnamic or woody notes. They are found in perfumes and personal care items, food and beverages, and home cleaning products.

At the exhibition, we are exhibiting our broad range of products including – Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Acetate, Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde (also known as HCA or alpha-hexyl cinnamaldehyde) and Ocimene PQ. Benzyl benzoate has a high molecular weight and nearly odorless nature, making it an extensively used fixative in the fine fragrance and perfume industry whereas Benzyl Acetate is a clear, colorless liquid at ambient temperatures and has a slight, jasmine-like odor.

Similarly, HCA is the preferred choice of many perfumers looking for characteristics that are more floral and less fatty. HCA brings green, floral notes with aromas of jasmine and muguet (lily-of-the-valley) to many household care and personal care products, such as fabric softeners, deodorants, shampoos, and soaps.

Ocimene PQ imparts a novel top note of citrus, lavender, and spicy herbs to fragrances, colognes, and stimulated essential oils, such as bergamot oil and lavender oil. It is especially valued in mango fragrances as well as fragrances in personal care and a variety of household products on a limited scale.

In addition to flavors and fragrances, the F&F business unit also develops and produces preservatives and animal nutrition products. These substances are found in various everyday consumables such as cosmetics and personal care products, detergents and cleaning agents, beverages, baked goods, candles, oils, and animal feed.

Speaking at the event, Anand Karaka, Senior Sales Director, Head of Sales APAC – Business Unit Flavors & Fragrances, LANXESS India, said, “We are excited to participate in the FAFAI exhibition this year. Our focus has always been on creating formulations that are sustainable and consumer-friendly, combined with advanced technical and regulatory expertise. As an organization, we constantly strive to provide our customers with the best products and applications, and this exhibition provides us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and highlight our latest offerings to the industry.”