KidZania Unveils

31st May 2024, Delhi/NCR: KidZania, the global leader in interactive family entertainment and learning, proudly announces the launch of its first-ever toddler-centric play zone, ‘KidZania Neighborhood’, in India. The new zone was unveiled on Thursday, 30th May 2024, at KidZania’s Delhi/NCR center. The zone will be operational from 1st June 2024.

The ‘KidZania Neighborhood’ is a space developed especially for toddlers, featuring paved roads, battery-operated vehicles, buildings, a functioning economy, and its currency, all tailored for toddlers aged 1 to 6 years. This innovative zone aims to provide a unique, immersive environment where young toddlers can learn through role-play and storytelling.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rahul Dhamdhere, Chief Marketing Officer of KidZania India, said, “KidZania is currently present in 27 cities across 24 countries, and we are thrilled to present India’s first, and overall, the twelfth, KidZania Neighborhood to you. Around 60 percent of our visitors are families who seek the best for their toddlers. Over the years, we have learned that parents visiting with toddlers also want to connect with their kids through our unique blend of learning and fun.”

The KidZania Neighborhood includes various engaging and educational activities such as a Science Lab, Play Gym, Construction Site, Gas Ztop, Open Stage, and Face Painting, to name a few. These activities are designed not only for fun but also to improve toddlers’ motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and self-knowledge. Through interactive and hands-on experiences, toddlers can explore their interests and learn about the adult world they will one day join.

The Neighborhood offers a safe, engaging, and skill-building environment that has been extensively researched and influenced by various early childhood development frameworks such as Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and Gymboree Aistear’s early years curriculum. It encourages cognitive development through tasks and challenges, promotes collaboration and communication, and enhances motor skills with hands-on activities. Notable features include the Exploration Lab for science experiments, the Gas Stop for learning driving rules, and the Construction Site for building coordination and strength. The space spans 3,500 sq. ft. with stringent safety measures and hygiene prioritization, ensuring a clean and secure environment for toddlers.

Additionally, hygiene is a top priority in the KidZania Neighborhood. The facility ensures a clean and safe environment through various innovative solutions, including a ball washing machine to sanitize the balls in the Exploration Lab. The entire area is equipped with fire-resistant EPDM flooring, comprehensive CCTV coverage without blind spots, and designated fire exits. These measures provide parents with peace of mind, knowing their toddlers are playing in a secure and hygienic setting.

One signature tie-up is the Play Gym, in partnership with Amiown – Amity’s Caring Preschool. Founded in 2005 and operating in multiple branches across Delhi NCR, all Amiown Preschools ‘built on the foundation of love and care’ are committed to ‘nurturing happy and lifelong learners’ through the play and activity-based approach, experiences, and curriculum. In the Amiown Play Gym, toddlers can play and enjoy a variety of educational games in a soft-play area designed just for them. They can explore gentle obstacles, vibrant colors, and endless fun as they crawl, climb, jump, and learn to balance. Activities in the Amiown Play Gym nurture both fine and gross motor skills, spark cognitive engagement, foster emotional growth, and enhance social confidence and cooperation skills. We invite you to ‘Come play with us!’ says Amiown Chairperson Ms. Sapna Chauhan.

The launch of the KidZania Neighborhood marks a significant milestone in KidZania’s mission to create safe, educational, and enjoyable environments for toddlers and their families. With its focus on early childhood development, the Neighborhood is set to become a favorite destination for families seeking enriching experiences for their young toddlers.