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MUMBAI, 25th November 2023: Education is an important pillar of India’s growth story. India has made significant progress to improve its educational infrastructure and ecosystem over the last few decades. As our country evolves socially & economically, so does the nature of the our problems. The process adopted to find solutions in the past will not be adequate to solve the problems of the future. Hence, there is a critical need to disrupt India’s education system to build our own problem-solving capacities. This disruption will need to be made through holistic efforts combining technology with new methods of learning.

Mrs Sangita Jindal, Chairperson of JSW Foundation said, “During the last three decades, JSW Foundation has been fostering equitable delivery of education to children residing in rural locations. Following the launch of MuSo, we are now taking the next step to revolutionize India’s educational landscape by innovating the delivery of learning in our country. Our latest initiative, MuSo, heralds a new era for education & the role of museums in India.”

For the longest time, it was believed that people should visit museums to learn about their history and culture. These museums offered an opportunity to look at the past as seen through the eyes of a small number of curatorial experts. JSW Group, through the launch of its initiative, Museum of Solutions (MuSo), is creating a new reason for Indian children to visit a Museum. MuSo is a place where children can look at the world through their own eyes, and work together to create a better future. MuSo opens its doors to the public on November 26th, 2023.

Ms Tanvi Jindal Shete, Founder of MuSo said, “We believe that similar to our Right to Choose, Right to Vote, Right to Information, today, the Right To Education is a reality. For more than a decade, I’ve held on to the belief that learning should be meaningful and fun for all children. So when I decided to establish MuSo, I dreamt of a space where children will be inspired, enabled and empowered to make meaningful change in the world, together, today. MuSo is a bold vision backed by the courage and belief that children don’t need to become adults to be changemakers. This is our gift to Mumbai for every explorer, dreamer and innovator, for all children, families and educators to come and reimagine our world, together.”

MuSo is a not-for-profit initiative designed as a world-class, experiential children’s museum to champion the art of finding solutions. It firmly believes in the collective potential and efforts of children to shape a brighter and more equitable future for everyone. Its innovative exhibits and learning programs are designed to promote participatory learning by encouraging children to take a leadership position in solution-finding practices. MuSo promises a fun and enriching experience for children and their families. Its exhibits and initiatives draw inspiration and direction from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, including over 50 programs and exhibits designed to encourage curiosity, and to find solutions related to the SDGs.

Ms Tanvi Jindal Shete further said, “Our approach and commitment is to empower children as young changemakers. We will accomplish this through hands-on activities and playful, self-directed learning to appeal to the natural curiosity of children. MuSo wants children to learn how to fail and try again. We want to equip children with the knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to the common good on a global scale. We do this by using the SDGs as our framework to begin talking about all the problems in the world. However, this is a place where children approach problems with a positive attitude and are encouraged to find creative and innovative solutions.”

To Establish MuSo Changemakers Council in 2024

In order to further its vision of empowering children to find solutions to India’s most pressing problems, MuSo plans to establish the MuSo Changemakers Council. The Council will be a recurring, year-long leadership and advisory program for children in the age groups of 11-14 years. Through the Council, a diverse group of Mumbai’s young people will be selected to engage in leadership training, to delve into challenges of significance to youth and their futures, and to advise the museum on strategy, programs, and policies. Members will be recruited through an open call for participation in 2024, and the first Council will serve during the 2024-2025 academic year.

MuSo Pricing Plans:

  • Ticket Pricing For School Visits to be subsidized by MuSo’s Donors through CSR Grants: Through partnerships with local schools (private and public), MuSo aims to welcome more than 250 school groups every year. The generous CSR grants & support of its Donors will ensure that MuSo is offering 50% of these school visits free-of-cost and the other 50% at just INR 400 to 600 per student. This will ensure that students from every school— Anganwadis, Government Schools, Municipal Schools, National Open Schools, Schools For Special Children can visit and experience the Museum equitably.
  • Free Monday For All: Additionally, every week, MuSo will host “Free Mondays” (except on public holidays) to ensure that children and their families from every walk of life can experience the museum, irrespective of their social or financial background. MuSo aims to welcome more than 50,000 children each year through this weekly initiative alone.
  • Member Plans To Be Introduced Soon: MuSo will also introduce long-term membership plans and discounted packages for young children and their family members. These plans will cover monthly, quarterly, and annual visits.
  • The income generated from ticket sales will be dedicated to ensuring the Museum’s ongoing upkeep & maintenance enabling it to continue offering world-class learning experiences to every child in Mumbai.

MuSo caters to a wide audience by offering a diverse range of experiences tailored to different age groups.

  • For children, MuSo is an immersive indoor learning experience.
  • For Students, it is a space to develop problem-solving skills and unearth new potential.
  • For Young Adults, MuSo provides a platform for entertainment, education, and exploration, with offerings such as Subko Specialty Coffee & Craft Bakehouse, evening programs, exhibitions and more.
  • MuSo also features the Library of Solutions (LiSo), an Art Gallery and a Museum Shop.
  • With a Dynamic Roster of Programs and curated activities, MuSo aims to instil a growth mindset in children through both content-based and skill-building activities.